Green Woodpecker Heaven

We’ve been away recently and the birds and animals get very used to the garden being “extra” quiet. A couple of days after getting back I was contemplating whether to try and cut the grass (in between the rain) when I noticed a juvenile green woodpecker making the most of the ants in the lawn (lawn is probably pushing it a bit, green stuff is probably a better description). The backdoor was wide open, so I got an excellent view of him. He stayed for at least a couple of hours, and didn’t seem at all worried that I was sat no more than 20ft from him.

I’ve heard and seen him several times since, and think he must have come from a nestbox in a neighbours garden (they have a woodpecker box on a very large conifer). I’m hoping he will stay around over the winter, I can’t help smiling when I see his funny forward-leaning hop. Anyway, here is a clip of him…

Juvenile Green Woodpecker Film Clip – Click to View


7 thoughts on “Green Woodpecker Heaven

  1. Hi there, Jane 😀

    Thank-you for introducing yourself to me! I agree it is great to see another Blog, especially in the UK that has videos aa well as photos from its garden.

    This year I have enjoyed seeing so many juvenile birds in my garden and I do beleive I perhaps know why – I fed the birds over the summer months! Perhaps like many other people I expected the birds would get enough food themselves with insects etc. How wrong I was! What a delight it was to see these young birds in my garden.

    Thanks for sharing this video from your garden – I have never seen a woodpecker near my garden farless a young one. What a treat to see it 😀

    I will be back to browse your site over the weeekend. I am guessing we are going to have a lot to chat about 😀

  2. Shirl. Thank you so much for visiting my diary. It’s strange to think that we are at the opposite ends of the country and yet we are dong similar things! We are lucky with woodpeckers. They visit our garden (which is surrounded by Scots Pines, Oaks, Beeches, Yew and Holly) quite often. The great spotted woodpecker is on the fat feeder nearly every day. The young green woodpecker came from over the road (where they have a woodpecker nest in one of their trees) but I hope he sticks around over the winter and nests nearby in the Spring. Talk to you soon. Jane

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