In Search of Warmer Climes

Fishing in a Florida Keys Sunset

For the next few weeks “urban extension” will be written from the slightly warmer climes of the Florida Keys – while we fish, eat, relax and generally watch the world go past. I hope you’ll join us… via cyber-space and this diary

The Keys are a tropical string of islands about 100 miles long, off the tip of Florida in the United States. The weather is warm all year (about 89 degrees at the moment), sunny and breezy – with the occasional shower (or thunderstorm) thrown in for good luck! Hopefully we won’t get a hurricane this year, although we did have to hightail it up to Miami two years ago to shelter from Hurricane Wilma…

When we come here we stay on Conch Key, a small island mainly inhabited by lobster fishermen, retired locals and a few holidaymakers. There’s a small store for essentials like fishing bait, milk and bread, about fifty houses and very little else.

Home from Home

Home from Home in the Keys

Our house is an old stilted “shack”, which as you can see has a pier, veranda and all-round view of the Gulf of Mexico. You can even stand in the shower and watch the fish swimming by!

It isn’t posh but it’s very special, very peaceful and our idea of heaven.


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