Flagging Down a Lizard

Lizards in the garden

Having seen my first sand lizard this summer, I decided to chase the local lizards around the garden with my camera today.

When they feel threatened they drop a little red flag down from their throats as a warning. Having spent most of the morning on my stomach trying to “encourage” one to flag at me I was on the verge of giving up when I met this little character.

Flagging Lizard

He is a Cuban Brown Anole, a distant relative of the Chameleon. This one was about 6 inches long, and they can change colour… slightly…. and flag when they feel threatened. I do have film footage of one doing this, but I can’t upload it at the moment – sorry!

After flagging at me for a minute, he gave up and just tried to give me the evil eye. However, they have the uncanny knack of moving each eye independently. Which can be quite off putting.

Leaving him in peace (and with him thinking he had frightened me off with his terrifying throat flagging and eye whirling!) I found this little critter below. I’m not absolutely sure if he is another Anole, but I think he must be.

I loved the colour of the rusted metal post against the light brown of his skin, and his little splayed out toes! So cute! How the hell do they hang on like that???

Lizard in Garden


3 thoughts on “Flagging Down a Lizard

  1. These pictures are all fantastic but I particularly like this one of the Cuban Brown Anole. Hope you are having a great time.

  2. Thank you Johnson Cameraface. It’s difficult to see wild lizards in the UK, but I did manage to see a sand lizard this summer (which was very exciting, as they are so rare) See my entry called “searching for sand lizards” back at the beginning of October . I’ve never seen a wild newt, so you are one up on me!

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