Keeping up with blogs

I’m back home. Dorset. Trying to be “normal”. When I do (start being normal again) I hope to start editing some of the video footage and photographs I took while away, but what with visits from friends, phone calls, tonnes of washing, making dentist appointments, filling up the bird feeders, getting the RAC out to fix the flat battery on my car, looking for an engagement ring, arranging to meet up with family, saving the window cleaner who very nearly fell off his ladder, and trying to find the garden under a mountain of leaves and fallen apples…. I just haven’t managed to spend much time on the computer. Until tonight.

Tonight I’m trying to catch up on other peoples blog entries and clearing my email inbox, and I started to wonder whether other people use an iGoogle homepage to keep an eye on new blog entries? If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about go to or and you will hopefully find a link somewhere that says “Don’t have an iGoogle page? get started”. If you click this link it will help you set up an iGoogle homepage.

Once you’ve done that you can add my Blog/Diary (or most other Blogs) to this home page – so that it’s easy to see when I’ve added a new diary entry.

To do this click on my link and down the right hand column (at the bottom) you will see two orange buttons that say feeds “full” and “comments”. I suggest you click on “feeds full” and then click “add this to my Google homepage”. This will add the title links of my latest blog/diary entries to your iGoogle homepage. If you fancy reading them, all you do is click on the title of the entry via the iGoogle homepage – easy!

I’ve got a load of blogs that I like to read on all different subjects, and this is an easy way of keeping an eye on all of them, in just one place.

Anyway, here endeth the lesson… I’m off to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will start to get my head around a proper “wildlife” diary entry!


3 thoughts on “Keeping up with blogs

  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound. Though the overwhelmingness sometimes dominates the ‘fab hols’ bit – hang on in there.
    Original – buying the engagement ring after the wedding – I like it, more should do it!

  2. Thanks Paula. To be honest… (and I really am being honest here) I hadn’t even thought about an engagement ring until Andrew’s business partner, Gary, reminded Andrew that I “might like one”…. When we got married I didn’t even have a wedding ring!

    So now, I don’t actually have a wedding certificate (because the Courthouse will be sending it from Florida in a couple of weeks) and I don’t have a wedding ring or an engagement ring.

    I had to go out today and buy a toaster (only £3.50 – a complete bargain!) as I thought it would make me feel more “married”…

  3. Well getting married in Florida means that you missed out on getting half a dozen toasters, 3 kettles, 2 sandwich toasters, dozens of glasses etc etc…. I’m sure your £3.50 bargain will do the job though! Did it make you feel more “married”??? You should have asked one of the pelicans if you could have borrowed one of their leg rings…

    Meanwhile, I’m having a problem with the igoogle thing.. I have an igoogle page.. but maybe when you have a minute you could email instructions “off-blog” so the whole world doesn’t know how dim I am!

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