A pyromaniac in all of us

Tonight – Bonfire Night – Guy Fawkes Night – Fireworks Night – November the 5th (call it what you will) I thought it apt to have a photo of my garden-clear-up bonfire – in honour of the the great man himself, Guy Fawkes.


I think there’s a little bit of pyromania in all of us, I know there is in me, especially when I stare deeply into those dancing flames. So this year I’m Sparkler and Catherine Wheel free – just me, my bonfire and a box of matches.

Anyone will tell you that I HATE Autumn, but this year it somehow seems more “friendly” than normal. The sun has been shining, the trees are spectacular and the countryside still seems to be full of life.


Where ever I tread in the garden there seems to be fungi pushing it’s way up between the fallen leaves or jostling for position with the windfall apples. And every morning there’s a new clump. I’ve noticed that the squirrels and the mice love to eat them, so they hardly ever stay “whole” for long.


Most of the apples had already fallen from our old apple tree by the time we got home. To be honest the tree has got so high it’s now impossible to pick the apples easily. Usually we just watch the apples getting bigger and bigger on the highest branches, until one day we look out the window and they are in the flower bed or smashed on the path. I usually scavenge the windfalls and make an apple crumble or two, but this year we will have to see whether the blackbirds have left me enough semi-edible ones to use.

Windfall Apples

I’ve noticed some strange goings-on in the garden. In September our Witchhazel started to flower. Why? This should be flowering at Christmas – not September, not October, not November – Christmas! It has obviously got itself into a right tizzy. I’ve never had flowers and leaves on the tree at the same time. Really weird. However, I will let it off (as long as it flowers again at Christmas) as it’s leaves are so …. err…. well…. autumny.

Witchhazel Leaves


2 thoughts on “A pyromaniac in all of us

  1. Thanks Paula. It looks like we feel the same about Nov the 5th! I spotted more clumps of fungi today as I swept up the leaves. Bright yellow… will have to get some pictures.

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