Looking at fungi in the woods

I’ve been for a look at the new Corfe Mullen Trailway today. This path follows the route of the old railway through some lovely woods still oozing with life.

Fungi in Corfe Mullen

Although sunny, God was it cold! Still, it’s always nice to walk down a “new” footpath. The truth is we need a whole lot more around the village if we’re going to encourage people to get off their arses, leave their car behind, and get out into the countryside (by the way did you know that Arses was King of Persia in 338 BC? no, me neither!).

I thought it would be getting too late for fungi now, especially as we’ve had some vicious frosts already. Obviously I was wrong because I found some great examples in the woods. As per usual, I have no idea what they are, so please feel free to identify them.

I especially like this pair of knobbly critters nestling in the fallen leaves. I’m starting to worry that I’m developing a nasty fungi fetish!

Fungi in Corfe Mullen


4 thoughts on “Looking at fungi in the woods

  1. Hi there, Jane

    What wonderful photos – they really don’t look real. The knobbly critters look like charcters from a cartoon who are about to have a
    giggle about someting then walk off 😀

  2. Johnson Cameraface – Thanks for visiting and thanks for your kind comments. I don’t think there will be many more fungi to photo… but you never know.
    Shirl – You are absolutely right. I knew they reminded me of something… and that’s it!

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