Swans in the Mist

It’s cold today. Too cold to take the camera out (in my opinion!!) I’ve been wrapped up warm in front of the fire, looking back through video footage I took this summer. I found some taken very early on a summers morning down by the banks of the River Stour. I was looking for otters, what I found was an ethereal landscape of swans, mist and early morning dew.

Swan in the Mist

I had decided to go for an early morning otter hunt, and by 5am I had positioned myself on a beautiful stretch of the River Stour. It just oozed tranquillity, English-ness and mystery. The mist drifted along the river like a smoky cauldron and with it came the majestic swans.

They looked so beautiful in this early morning light. Silently and gracefully making their way down the river. Emerging and disappearing into the mist. The dew on the plants glistened like diamonds and the birds sang their little hearts out. I didn’t see any otters… somehow it didn’t matter.

Unfortunately when I uploaded this film to the internet it just couldn’t cope with the “subtleties” of the tone and colour. I wish you could see the original! Hopefully you will get some idea of the atmosphere and can at least hear the birds.

Oh well…. back to the fireside!


5 thoughts on “Swans in the Mist

  1. Sara. Thanks. The photo was actually taken from the video (but it came out better than I imagined it would). I hope you could hear the birds on the film as well!

  2. Beautiful. Those birds were singing as if their little lives depended on it. It must have been a morning to remember.
    If the original had more subtleties than this, it must be quite a sight, because this is absolutely lovely.

  3. Dragonstar. Thank you for visiting again. It was a morning to remember. I guess if I could drag my self out of bed more often at this time of the day I would see far more “beautiful” mornings… unfortunately my bed always feels just a little bit too comfortable!

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