Inquisitive Deer

I love watching and filming wildlife. It’s when I feel most relaxed and happy. What could be better than sitting in a field in the middle of summer, coming face to face with two gorgeous wild animals?

Roe Deer

This encounter happened a couple of years ago. I had actually gone out to watch foxes. Not the urban foxes that sneak around my garden, but really wild “country” foxes that live in a field at the bottom of my lane. These foxes are a lot more wary and a lot harder to video, so I had hidden myself away at the edge of the field next to a small copse.

I was ready for a long wait. As I turned round to look over the fields towards the setting sun I suddenly spotted a young roe deer no more than 40ft away. He was looking at me, so I stared back at him. We stayed like this for some time as I videoed him. His little velveted antlers were spikey and new, and he had lost his spotted camouflage coat that would have protected him so well when he was born.

As I panned back with the camera I realised that his mother was standing right next to me. Perfectly still, perfectly quiet.

If you walk into a field where deer are, and they see you, they will invariably run away. However, sit in a field, as still as you can, and they will nearly always come and check you out. They usually aren’t too sure what to make of you.

This mum just couldn’t help herself. She walked up and down, up and down, sniffing the air, occasionally barking but mainly moving her head up and down and side to side trying to suss me out. Was I a strange bush? a very large fox? a legless horse? She just couldn’t work it out. And all the time her sweet little son stood in the background, quietly munching some grass but alert to his mother’s strange behaviour.

This encounter lasted for more than 15 minutes. In the end both mother and son walked calmly through the barbed wire fence and disappeared into the wood. Another magic wildlife moment.

I didn’t bother with the foxes… they could wait for another day!

The photograph and video were both taken by me.

14 thoughts on “Inquisitive Deer

  1. Hi there, Jane 🙂

    Great capture! That is the great thing about filming birds and wildlife – you very often capture the unexpected and that’s what makes it so enjoyable to do 😀

    I look forward to seeing many more pieces of film from you 😀

  2. Hi Shirl. Thanks 🙂 As you can probably tell I am trawling through my old video at the moment (mainly because it’s too cold to sit in a field for hours on end at this time of year) but I’ve got lots more film to show – foxes & cubs, squirrels, buzzards, badgers, slow worms, snakes and even more deer! Should keep me busy! Really glad you like watching them.

  3. Hya Jane…just wanted to thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog. I love this footage of the deer, you are very lucky to have wildlife such a this close to home (and the time to sit filming it all)…nice to meet someone here from the UK too…by the way, i read your “about page”, i thought a green belt area was a safe area that couldn’t be built on in any way, isn’t it supposed to be left as is for the wildlife and such.

  4. Hi Jan. Thanks for visiting my site and glad you liked the deer footage. Hope you pop back again in the future. Yes, we are lucky – especially as we are in a semi-urban area. I wish greenbelt was safe from building (that’s what I used to think too). Unfortunately the government are in the process of redrawing the boundaries so that some land that was greenbelt can be built on in the future. In my eyes it is criminal. Once this countryside has gone, it’s gone forever – and the habitats and animals with it! Quite a lot of the videos I take are of animals on this greenbelt land – in 10-20 years it will all be houses.

  5. The deer video was wonderful – it must have been so exciting sitting there looking her in the eye as she tried to figure out what you were! I don’t suppose they come across too many odd people just sitting in the undergrowth.

    BTW I wasn’t sure I liked your new theme, my eyes aren’t keen on reading with black backgrounds.. but it’s sort of grown on me.

    Ooh, can I request some badgers?? There’s a badger webcam I visit but they’re fairly uninteresting as they just turn up at the same time each day to eat the food that’s been put out for them.. and then they’re off.

  6. Sarah. Yes, it was exciting. I was trying not to breathe. I guess I did look a bit “odd”.
    No, I was the same with regard to the white on black – didn’t like it to start with. It’s just that it makes the photos look so much better…. I’ve got used to it now. Not sure if I’ll keep it… I will wait until after Christmas.
    I will dig out the badger film (no pun intended). Very short and a bit dark – but filmed at a sett as they were coming out late one evening. Actually it’s in the middle of a housing estate 5 minutes walk down the road, so very local.

  7. How lovely to have just a beautiful, sublime encounter – just shows you that you must carry everything with you when you’re out & about like stills & moving cameras!

    I’ve had a few experoences like that in the past – you suddenly stand dead still, not believing what you’re seeing, afraid that any sudden movement mgiht have them away. It’s such an exciting thing & lifts your spirits tenfold!

    What a very beautiful blog you have – I’m Skylark on Friend’s of Nature by the way, but all my friend’s call me Emy x

  8. Emy. Thank you so much for visiting, I really appreciate your comments. Yes, those experiences are very special. So many times I’ve frozen on the spot but it’s too late and the “animal” disappears – however sometimes you are lucky and can watch it without it knowing.

  9. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for you comment on my blog.
    Lovely picute of the deer and great video very inquisitive. I have been looking through your other great pics, particularly like the fly catcher, yet to pic one myself.
    I can see i will be a regular here.

  10. I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am 🙂 Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner 🙂

  11. Sara. Thanks so much. I love the expression on her face, not really scared, just curious! Sometimes pictures happen at the least expected time… so make sure you have your camera with you at ALL times (that’s what I do). Otherwise you end up really kicking yourself when you miss an opportunity.

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