Fox cubs playing in a summer meadow

I have decided that one of the only good things about winter is the way it makes you appreciate summer even more! I love thick winter woollies, but there comes a time (usually about now) when all I want is to wander around a summer meadow in a t-shirt and shorts, at eight in the evening, and not be cold. On 23rd August 2006 that’s exactly what I was doing – watching fox cubs!

Fox Cubs Playing in an English Meadow

I love the long summer evenings. My favourite time is just as the sun is going down. The birds are having their last sing-song from the top of the trees and the animals of the night are waking up and savouring the last rays of the setting sun. On this particular evening I was out looking for badgers, but as is so often the case, I didn’t find badgers but did find these two fox cubs playing.

I’m afraid I was quite a distance away from them, and I was so worried that I would scare them that I didn’t dare try to get too close. These two are obviously practising their play fighting, and I was to see them several more times as the year progressed. One was much more dominant, however the other was very laid back and a lot easier to get close to.

That evening I practically skipped home with an enormous grin on my face.

The photograph was taken from the video above. Both were taken by me.


5 thoughts on “Fox cubs playing in a summer meadow

  1. Hi again, Jane 🙂

    Great capture! What a great find – I can imagine your grin. Thanks for sharing your film – I wonder what else you have in store for us 😀

    I enjoy our changing seasons – I am not into winter mode yet so I am still looking forward to it! I don’t mind the cold too much I hate the winds though 😀

  2. Thanks Shirl. I REALLY wish I did like winter more… it would make it so much easier to cope with. Although this morning was stunning with a frost from the top of the trees to the grass. I agree with you regarding the wind. Sun, clear skies and no wind – that would be absolutely fine in my book!

  3. Doug. Thank YOU for visiting my site. It’s always great when someone visits and really seems to like what I’m doing. I actually trained as a photographer, but now wish I had trained as a camerawoman… oh well! However, buying the camcorder and starting to watch and film wildlife has changed my life (sounds a bit dramatic, but it has)It really makes you look differently at things around you. I’ve just had a look at your site, Blue Grey. Beautiful pictures – I will be back for a longer browse!

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