Happy Christmas…

A really, really big “thank you” to everyone who has read my online Diary over the last few months. I have loved writing it and I especially love reading all your comments.

Let’s hope that today the turkey doesn’t burn and the brussel sprouts don’t make us all fart like troopers!

Happy Christmas!

Jane xx


8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas…

  1. … and a Merry Christmas to you too, Jane!

    Thank-you – I enjoy visiting your online diary and was delighted when you introduced yourself to me!

    I look forward to following a full year ahead at Urban Extension – all the best for 2008 😀

  2. Sarah – Snow would be good wouldn’t it! Thanks for the Christmas sunset pictures – they are amazing.

    Jan – Thanks. Christmas was relaxing and quiet (just how I like it!) Hope yours was good.

    Paula – I thought I would put snow on the site cos we haven’t got it for real… wish I could make it snow but it just keeps getting warmer in Dorset! Thanks for the Christmas wishes.

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