Take a look at my Many-zoned Polypore

You have to admit that’s not an offer you get every day!


Photo taken from above…

I’d never heard of a Many-zoned Polypore (Trametes versicolor) until I came across what I think were some during my ancient yew tree adventure yesterday.


from underneath…

Apparently, according to my fungi book, it is “extremely common”. I’ve seen it a thousand times while wandering around woods, sprouting from rotten tree trunks, but until today I didn’t know it’s name.


and from the side

In the late afternoon light it’s white crinkly edges glowed like ice-rimmed cocktail glasses. It deserves a more interesting name.

Other fungi have great names; King Alfred’s Cake, Dryad’s Saddle and even Amethyst Deceiver, but this beauty has to make do with Many-zoned Polypore.

I’m hoping I’ve got it wrong and it’s actually a very rare Ice-tipped Tequila Sunrise…


2 thoughts on “Take a look at my Many-zoned Polypore

  1. I agree. It almost doesn’t look real. Like it’s somehow carved out of the wood it’s growing on. Or made of paper, like the wasp nests you sometimes find.

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