Robin White-Breast

This is just a quickie before I go to bed. There’s been a lot of publicity in the papers about a white breasted robin in Dorset. However, I have my own white-breasted robin!

The film clip above was taken by my CCTV camera very early in the morning (while the camera was still in infra-red black and white mode), hence the white-breast. He looks like he’s having a lovely bath and I love the way the water ripples in the light!


10 thoughts on “Robin White-Breast

  1. Hi there, Jane

    Lovely video of the robin! Sometimes I think the quality of video is better in black and white.

    I am guessing you are enjoying using your new wildlife camera 😀

  2. You are probably right about b&w… at least you can see the bird/animal easier. Waiting for foxes at the moment but nothing in the garden. I even went out and danced in front of the camera to check it was working. Maybe I should post that on UTube??

  3. Dragonstar. I was fully clothed… so I don’t think I would get many viewings. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for visiting. It is a pleasure sharing my videos with other people.

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