Robin in Flight

As you can probably tell I’ve been playing with my new EcoWatch camera over the last few days, and have been getting some shots that I didn’t expect. Here is one of our local robin in flight before he lands on the fat-feeder. You can practically count every feather. I hadn’t realised his wings were quite this beautiful!

Robin in Flight


8 thoughts on “Robin in Flight

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  2. We have lots of birdies in our garden, Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Green Finches, Blue tits,plus the other tits and a Woodpecker I will keep my eyes open for a Bullfinch though, as I like them alot. I used to be in the Bullfinch patrol in guides!

  3. Libby. Bullfinch patrol eh! can’t say I remember what patrol I was in…. wish it had been bullfinch though… Thanks for your comment, and for visiting!

  4. Fabulous!
    Eldest son was experimenting with his camera over Christmas and getting some wonderful shots of bird table birds. Will put some up when he mails them to me.

    Is your camera a christmas present?

    Oh by the way Jane have you many greenfinches? We used to have hundreds and this year none. Very worrying

  5. Jane, I don’t know if you’re ‘into’ awards at all, but if you are there’s one on my blog for you. You always give me lovely things to look at, so the link is a way of thanking you.

  6. Paula. I’d love to see your sons pictures… hope he emails them to you soon. Yes, camera was a christmas present. I’m hoping to get shots of fox cubs and flycatchers with it, later in the year. Roll on Spring!

    We don’t have as many greenfinches this year (usually have loads) there are still a few about…but only a few. I’m wondering if the trichomoniasis (finch disease) has taken it’s toll… we did have some sick birds last year.

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