Wildlife News

I seem to “collect” wildlife news stories. Here are a few I have been hoarding for a while, ranging from fungi to deer!

Fungi in a local wood

Fungi in a local wood

News stories

UK species ‘must move to survive’
– Some UK wildlife species will have to find new habitats as climate change causes temperatures to rise, the Wildlife Trusts have warned. Read more…

New UK record of insect species – An insect species normally found off the African coast has been spotted in the UK for the first time in Cornwall, conservationists have said. Read more…

Baby bats hit by cold, wet summer – Bats have been abandoning their young as the mammals struggle to survive during a cold and wet summer. Read more…

Hedgehogs join ‘protection’ list – Hedgehogs and house sparrows have been included on an updated list of species and habitats which need protection. Read more…

Deer tracked by GPS collars on MOD land – Sika deer are to be given global positioning system (GPS) collars, financed by MOD, to research the species’ movements around the Poole Basin area of Dorset. Read more…

Conker trees could disappear in a decade as plague kills 40,000 in a year – A disease that kills the horse chestnut is sweeping the country, making the conkers the trees produce increasingly rare. Read more…

Fungi enthusiast’s ‘find of a lifetime’ – FUNGUS hunters have discovered a rare specimen growing in the West Dorset countryside. Read more…


If you found these stories interesting let me know and I will make this a regular feature. Thanks. Jane

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