Wood mouse in the house

I said a couple of days ago that I was trying to film a “visitor” we were getting to our small lobby at the back of the house. I wasn’t sure what had chewed into the birdseed bag. Was it a rat? a very small badger? a plastic-eating blue-tit? no, it turns out to have been a wood mouse…

Wood mouse

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia… but it is my video below!

I caught the little critter red-handed using my infra-red CCTV camera last night. Surprisingly he only turned up at about 3am, and was only around for 5 mins (I thought he would be back and forth all night).

This is just a little “fun” clip of him racing backwards and forwards picking up sunflower hearts while the rest of us were fast-asleep. I will be trying to film him again tonight with “mouse cam” but much, much closer!

We had a wood mouse in the house when we first moved in and were having building work done. He was very cute. Enormous eyes and an incredibly long tail. We eventually managed to persuade him that living outside would be a better idea.

20 thoughts on “Wood mouse in the house

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  2. Hya, dropping by to say hi and hope you’re having a great start to the new year…hope your 2008 is a good one!

    Love the little film clip, he’s so cute..take care!

  3. lwd. Thanks for visiting my site. Not sure yet if it is a yellow necked. It isn’t actually “in” the house… just in the lobby out the back. I will try to get closer pictures for a final ID.

  4. How did you convince the mouse to live outside?
    We have mice in house now after 20 years of none.
    First we hired someone to trap them and take them out (dead).
    Cannot afford that approach and hate to kill them. They may like our home because it is surrounded by trees. Developers have chopped down the woods behind our house and are building housed. I first discovered we have mice again when I looked in a low bathroom cabinet and saw that tissues and paper under there had been chewed up.
    What can 2 busy workaholic types such as us do to keep the mice out. How do we encourage the ones we have to leave?? Due to allergies and our lifestyle cats or dogs are not a possibility.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. You are so kind to set up this website.

    • I have only just found this, so I don’t know if I will get any response! We have wood mice on the patio & wonder if they are any danger to humans with disease etc like house mice. I don’t want to kill them because they are very endearing to watch, but our neighbour has already killed several. Help!!!!

  5. From Joyce again: Re: my 11:54 a.m. reply. We live in North Carolina, u.s.a. should that help in your recommendations.
    thanks so much.

  6. Hi Joyce. I’m no expert I’m afraid. Our mouse left the house of it’s own accord (obviously couldn’t find much to eat!). However, I think that is the key… make sure EVERYTHING is in tins so that they can’t find anything to eat in your house, and try to make sure stuff like tissues/paper aren’t left where they could get hold of them (if you can find a hole into your bathroom cabinet, then I suggest you block it up). Unfortunately if woods have been cleared nearby they are probably looking for suitable places to make their new homes because their normal habitat has been destroyed. We went round blocking up EVERY hole into the house we could find to stop any more coming in (but that isn’t always possible). Do you have a neighbour with a friendly cat that could come in every now and again??? Our neighbourhood cats seem to do a good job of keeping the numbers of mice and rats down. Sorry I can’t be of any more help. Over here in the UK you can buy “humane” traps that won’t kill them, so that you can just release them far away from your house (instead of killing them)! Let me know how you get on. Jane

  7. Sweet! I had two wood mice in our flat few months ago and they chewed into my bag of bird seeds too. Thankfully I managed to capture them alive and released them back to the woods.

  8. Hi Shirley (in Gloucestershire). I guess it depends on how many you have. I try not to leave too much bird seed on the ground so as not to encourage the rodents. The Woodmice are pretty good and keep themselves to themselves, but it can encourage the rats as well (which I definitely don’t want). You can also buy “humane” traps if you don’t want to kill them. You would just need to trap them and then take them out into the countryside (meadows with hedges are great). We always have one or two woodmice around the bird feeders, but never during the day and they are never a nuisance. However, I would make sure you wash your hands well if you touch anything on the patio – just in case! Very cute though! Jane

  9. Many thanks for your reply. I was quite surprised to get it as I was replying to something entered in 2008!!
    I hope we can keep the wood mice! I like them!!

    • No problem Shirley. They are rather nice little “critters”. We found one in the bird seed bucket (where we store the bird seed) the other day and it ran up my husbands arm and just sat there on his shoulder. Wish I’d had the camera!

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