“Mouse Cam” is back!

By popular demand Mouse Cam returns with the continuing story of a Dorset Wood Mouse. There will be drama, tears, heartache and violence. Rated PG.

Wood Mouse Corfe Mullen

OK, yes I have lost it. There won’t actually be any of the above, just a little mouse eating some sunflower hearts, scampering about in my porch. But he is incredibly cute!

I was sat at my desk this evening, with the screen for the CCTV open in the left hand corner of my computer screen, when suddenly this little feller came into view.

I quickly pressed the record button. It was 8.30pm, the TV was on in the room next door, my husband was chatting to a friend, and the cat was asleep on the chair. However, out in the porch, in total darkness Brian had arrived (well I had to give him a name!).

A few days ago I had repositioned the CCTV camera so that I had a closer view if he returned, and it had obviously taken him some time to get used to it because we hadn’t seen him at all. Then tonight he appeared.

I know some of you are probably saying “it’s only a bloody mouse!” but I think it’s a privilege to see into his tiny world just for a few minutes.

Watch out for the sequel….


14 thoughts on ““Mouse Cam” is back!

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  3. Chris. Thanks for your comment. Haven’t seen him tonight… must be too wet! Hope to get some pictures during the day, so that we can all see his “colouring”. PS. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Thanks Kate. I’ve been watching him the last couple of nights but I haven’t posted any further clips as I thought everyone might overdoes on “mouse cam” footage. He is a sweet little fella! Jane

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