River Stour Otters – I have proof!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Michelle for letting me show you this picture. She read my post on River Stour Otters and posted a comment to say that she had just photographed an otter on a tributary of the Stour – and here’s the proof.

Otter in the reeds

Photograph courtesy of Michelle Masters-Bond

What is even more amazing is that it was 9.30am on a busy January morning, and the tributary is right next to a very busy road. In fact Michelle had stopped the car at the side of the road near to Longham Bridge to take a picture of a buzzard perched on a post. Suddenly she noticed movement in the water, and there he was.

I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am of Michelle. I’ve even been down to this patch of river and had a look for myself… but sadly there wasn’t an otter in sight.

Still it’s great to know they are there, are making a great comeback in Dorset and feel safe enough to feed in broad daylight.

Great shot Michelle!

7 thoughts on “River Stour Otters – I have proof!

  1. I totally agree Dragonstar. I was very excited when I saw the shot. It’s so good to know that something you spend a lot of time looking for, is actually there and doing well.

  2. Wow Alison you lucky thing. I know that bridge well. What time of day did you see it. They are so secretive I STILL haven’t seen one in Dorset. At least I have another place to go and look now! Jane

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