Photohunt : Important – Corfe Mullen, Dorset


I’ve decided to join “photohunt“. Basically you are given a different subject each week, and have to post a photograph that best illustrates it. This week’s subject is “important”.

Corfe Mullen Village

There are lots of things that are important to me; my husband Andrew, my family, my friends…. but the one thing that is dwelling on my mind at the moment is the destruction of the countryside where I live in Corfe Mullen, Dorset. In fact, it’s the whole reason for this online diary’s existence.

This week we heard that the greenbelt around Corfe Mullen (which has protected our village from even more urban sprawl for the last twenty years) is going to be repositioned, so that developers can build 700 houses on our beautiful countryside.

Roe Deer

Local inhabitants of Corfe Mullen set up an action group a couple of years ago called “Keep Corfe Mullen Green” and together with the Corfe Mullen Parish Council, we have been fighting very hard to stop this happening.

However, a recent report has agreed to the repositioning of greenbelt boundaries in Corfe Mullen so that extra houses can be built, with absolutely no thought to lack of infrastructure or loss of important wildlife habitats.

Blue Bell Wood

It’s very depressing, but the fight isn’t over. We won’t just roll over and give up.

We will keep on fighting for our countryside!!

Pardys Hill Corfe Mullen

12 thoughts on “Photohunt : Important – Corfe Mullen, Dorset

  1. Welcome to the Photo Hunt 🙂 Wonderful pictures!

    I know exactly what you are talking about. We used to live in the countryside, backing on to a bluebell wood. It was idyllic but I used to wonder all the time how long it would take for the developers to move in. Eventually we moved into town, the house behind us with a lovely garden was knocked down, and 2 blocks of 4 touwnhouses were built in its place. There’s no escaping the developers it seems.

  2. Thank you “A” & Criz Lai. Great that you could visit and glad you liked the pictures. I will try to get round to as many of your sites as possible over the next week. Take care. Jane

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