“Mouse Cam” The Sequel

He’s back! Last night, after a few days absence my mate Brian the Wood Mouse was back in the lobby.

Wood Mouse in my Boot

After watching him the other night I was puzzled as to what he was actually doing. By the end of the night he was running into shot, picking up a sunflower heart and disappearing with it. I knew he wasn’t taking it outside (cos he was going the wrong way for the door) so yesterday, during daylight, I went and had a nose.

What I found was a stash of sunflower hearts inside one of my knocked over wellington boots. He must have thought it would make a wonderful “safe house” for his booty.

So last night I trained the infra-red camera onto the boot and sat in wait from the warmth of my office. Sure enough at about 10pm along he came and ran straight inside. Take a look at the following short video.

Any suggestions as to how I get my boot back???


8 thoughts on ““Mouse Cam” The Sequel

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  2. Whats the matter with you Jane?
    You can hop around in one boot for a while can’t you?!

    You know. Much as I prefer the Woodmouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) to a House mouse (Mus musculus), its almost a shame now, that your wee beastie isn’t a House mouse after all.
    Then I could have got away with a pun like:
    “Mus in boots”. (grrroan).

    I’ll get me coat. (but not my boots).

  3. OK! OK! general consensus seems to be that I will NOT be getting my boot back…. Actually I’m a bit worried about Brian (wood mouse). I haven’t seen him for a couple of days. I’m hoping the local cat hasn’t had him for his dinner. Hopefully he will be back tonight, and yes, ok… I will leave the boot for him!

    PS The Black Rabbit… I agree “Apodemus in Boots” doesn’t quite have the same ring! (is your coat on yet???)

  4. Jane.

    I was in Dorset earlier in the year, stayed at the Fox Lower Ansty. It was in october photos on the blog. over the years I’ve ticked off lots of the churches on wants list.

    Fingers crossed for Brian

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