From Corfe to Conch

OK, this isn’t sunrise over Corfe Mullen, England… for the next few weeks Urban Extension will be based on Conch Key on the most southerly tip of the United States.

Conch Key, Florida - Sunrise

I’ve got bad jet-lag at the moment (I bet you are all feeling really sorry for me!). However the upshot is that I’m waking up early and managing to catch the gorgeous sunrises. Above shows yesterday morning at about 7am, looking towards our neighbour’s pier.

The telegraph poles in the picture follow Highway1. This highway connects all the islands in the Florida Keys, stretching from Key Largo to Key West, a distance of approximately 100 miles. Conch Key is about half way down.

Unfortunately I only have a dial-up internet connection, so video uploads may be few and far between, but I’m gonna talk to my “new best friend” Jennifer at the BWISK Internet Cafe to see if I can get round this.

I’ve already got so much film (and I’ve only been here two days) and no way of showing you. Hundreds of turkey vultures gliding in the thermals, burrowing wasps, baby raccoons, butterflies, lizards, blue herons and dragonflies. Errrrrrrr it’s so frustrating!

Today we went for a walk in the Long Key State Park (Long Key is the island next to ours) and followed the “Golden Orb Trail” named after the golden orb spiders that frequent the forested/mangrove habitat. No pictures of spiders I’m afraid, but here’s one of a wild untouched beach we came upon.

Long Key, Florida - Wild Beach

So many people get the wrong idea about Florida… it isn’t all Disney and Miami Vice. The Florida Keys are actually a little bit of untouched heaven in the middle of a tourist nightmare. Over the next few weeks I hope to prove that to you!


8 thoughts on “From Corfe to Conch

  1. I look forward to it Jane!
    (I wonder where you’d gone?!)

    Love this…
    “It [Florida] isn’t all Disney and Miami Vice.”!

    That beach looks like heaven to me…
    Have fun!

  2. Thanks Doug. I thought of you yesterday when I was looking at Golden Orb Spiders on my walk… you and your macro would love it here! I will try to get some shots for you.

  3. Glad to see the winds have died down and you are both out and about. Stunning photos as always. Although we have the sunshine back home, we certainly don’t have the temperature for sitting out and enjoying that beach!

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