Can’t wait to show you these – but I’ll have to!

Although I’ve now got the high speed internet connection, the transformer for my laptop has decided to give up the ghost. It works for a short amount of time and then switches itself off! Very annoying to say the least! Anyway we will be home in sunny, cold, Dorset on Sunday so I will have to catch up with my Florida Keys posts next week.

To get your appetite whetted… things I haven’t shown you yet: video of very pink roseate spoonbills feeding, alligators in the Everglades, a very handsome green/brown/blue 2ft lizard I found on my walk yesterday, gorgeous giant green dragonflies and bright red dragonflies, a digger wasp digging out his nest and filling it in again, woodpeckers feeding, and a northern mockingbird sat in a tree giving me the once-over!


10 thoughts on “Can’t wait to show you these – but I’ll have to!

  1. Thanks Paula. It’s our last full day here today. We had a brilliant day out in the boat yesterday. Watched 3 baby osprey in their nest, saw dolphins and caught loads of snapper (which we have given to the 93 year old philosophy professor living in the nearby cottage!) A bit more sun today and then back to the shivers of Dorset. Jane x

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