On closer inspection

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’m not bunking-off… promise! I’ve been really busy with an exciting new nature project. I can’t tell you much about it yet but watch this space. Anyway, back to the foxes.

Fox in the garden

I’ve been filming them most nights. There seems to be a new courting-couple on the block. In fact there are more foxes in the area than I’d thought. However, the pair I’ve filmed are quite easy to identify.

Here they are below on the first night I saw them. The camera is quite a distance away, but I like the behaviour the film captured. Lots of tail wagging and greeting each other, which I’ve never seen a fox do before (the wonders of infra-red). They obviously aren’t worried about the camera/tripod/infra-red light and miles of cable – which is a relief.

The next night I moved the camera nearer, and put out a honey sandwich laced with powdered pet vitamins. You will see at the start of this video below that the first fox is very deep set, bushy tailed with quite light fur.

The second (who comes in about 14 seconds into the video) is less bulky, longer legged and has darker fur. Plus the second one has a dark spot at the top of her (I think it’s a her) back right shoulder and seems to be limping slightly.

The final frames were shot on the following night (when I didn’t put any food out and she’s looking for it!) and show her heading for the hole under the side of the shed. Unfortunately that’s where the video ends! So I haven’t actually seen her disappear under the shed – yet!

The mangy vixen hasn’t been seen in the garden since I filmed her on the 26th February. She may have given birth, or, I have to be honest, she may have become very poorly and died. It’s a real shame because I received the mange medicine from the National Fox Welfare Society this week (thank you guys!), but haven’t used it yet. I wanted to make sure that she got the medicine, and not the other healthy foxes. I will keep watching out for her.

As well as everything else I’m also helping Dorset Wildlife Trust design and build their new website. Really looking forward to getting my teeth into this, with lots of things planned like blogs, forums and photo galleries, as well as showing all the great projects/surveys they are involved in. I can’t wait until it’s finished and goes live so that I can show you all!


4 thoughts on “On closer inspection

  1. Jane, that’s wonderful! I’ve quite a bit of fox experience (don’t tell anyone, but I had two fox-killing dogs at one time) but I’ve never seen the courting before. Heard a courting vixen once, and I thought my last days had come!

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