Live Nature Webcam

For ages I’ve been wanting to have a live webcam, but try as I might I just couldn’t work out how they worked. Today I noticed a webcam on a nature website provided by a company called Camstreams. I went and had a look at their site, downloaded their FREE media encoder and bob’s-your-uncle I now have a live webcam.

Magpie Cam!

A photo from the webcam – Magpie Cam!

Trouble is it’s a bit dull… (I have to be honest with you!) the foxes aren’t playing ball, the neighbours cat seems to have done a bunk and all the squirrels and birds are asleep. Still, now that I’ve got it working I can play with the positioning of the camera, and try to bring you some “interesting” live footage (as well as archiving some as well).

It won’t be broadcasting all the time (I have to turn the computer off sometimes you know!), but if you fancy having a look you can view it from the video screen in the right hand column of this blog.

It was pretty easy to set up, so I would thoroughly recommend anyone with a Nestbox camera or CCTV camera to have a look at the Camstreams website if you are interested in this type of technology.

Oh, by the way, I still don’t know how they work… I just followed the instructions and crossed my fingers! Luckily for me it worked.


13 thoughts on “Live Nature Webcam

  1. It seems that you can embed a live stream from Stickam, UStream, YouCams if you use the Vod:Pod system.

    I tested Stickam and it worked. I did not like the way it looked. You get a menu also, so that people can view all sorts of streams. I have already deleted that experiment.

    I think my first comment landed in your spam box – it had links in it. I actually have more links for you but with your choice of settings, that would be pointless.

  2. Thanks Universalgeni. I tried webcammax but couldn’t get it to run. Kept crashing my browser. Have tried to fix it, but just couldn’t suss it. Have given up now. Thanks for your help. Jane

  3. Thanks Words! and welcome to my nature diary. Hope you enjoy it. I got some great video of the foxes last night. So I will run it later. Jane

  4. Dragonstar. Really glad you’ve had a look at the WebCam. To be honest I’m thinking about moving it’s position. I’m getting a bit bored of looking at the same old piece of grass! Can’t wait till the spring, when the fox cubs might stop by. That will be special. Jane

  5. Hi Olivia. Not in MY backyard… (wish it was) I found this film on YouTube and just had to show it to people. He is the cutest thing though! Jane

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