Meet the neighbours

I’ve been sucked into a deep dark hole! It’s called the “webcam zone”


I’m loving the webcam/webchat on my urbanextension webcam. It’s great actually seeing a fox on the live infra-red camera (in your own garden), and being able to “chat” to people about it all over the world. From USA to Brazil.

Bit of a problem though. Well two problems really. One, I can’t use the webcam to video movement. So I either leave the webcam on when I go to bed and miss everything myself (not actually the idea of buying a camera!), or I stop the live webcam and just run archive footage overnight and video the action myself. Not ideal.

The second problem. I’m spending hours watching bloody webcams! Bird feeders in North Carolina, USA, baby Indian eagle owls in Norfolk, UK – even a fish tank in Georgia! I’VE GOT TO ESCAPE!


Last night was great though. I got some very close-up shots. The camera is now just outside my back-door in the garden. Right next to the bird feeders and birdbaths.

Looking at the footage there seem to be two foxes visiting. OK I know I shouldn’t have but I’ve named them – Salt and Pepper.

First Pepper. I think she’s the vixen, but unless you can see their “bits” it’s hard to tell.


Looking at her straight on like this, her ears are quite close together, she has some dark fur running from her ears down between her eyes and her face is quite pointy.


She also has quite dark fur, which you can see in this one above.

Now compare her to Salt.


He’s ears are a lot further apart and he has a spot just above his nose (is it dirt?). Not such a pointy face, darker fur and thicker set body.


Here is another one. This shows his body side-on. Lot stockier than Pepper.


He also sits down a lot! Especially when he’s eating.

Not sure if these two are a pair. If Pepper is a “she” then she should be giving birth soon. Maybe Salt is the female. That’s why he/she is stockier… whoops may have made a mistake there!

Anyway, here’s a short video of Salt and then after about 40 seconds, Pepper, taken last night between 2-4am.

Bit “foxed out” now. Need a coffee.


12 thoughts on “Meet the neighbours

  1. It’s tricky to tell from the cam, but I would go for a rounded trunk indicating a vixen at the moment. If she is carrying cubs identification will become very easy in the next week or so!

  2. Hi Shirl. I’ve got to stop watching the webcam… it’s doing my head in. It’s just so addictive! Glad you will be watching with me. Plan to have the fox cam on between 7pm and bedtime, with archive footage running at other times of the day. Jane

  3. Pete. How do I break the habit??? I’ve tried reading, watching the TV, but I also creep back into the office and watch the dammed webcam! Grrr. Oh, now that’s done it. I’ll be watching for hedgehogs as well now! Jane

  4. Permuted. Thanks for visited me, and for your comment. Yes, I’m waiting for one of them to disappear, then I can be more sure which was the female! They are digging furiously under my shed (even bitten some of the wood away just so they can gain access easier) so I’m hoping they choose it as their birthing den. Last year the pair under there had 5 cubs… so I’m hopeful. Jane

  5. Doug. I know! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. He is actually bouncing at times… and seems to absolutely love it. Really agile as well. I will be looking out for other ones like this. Glad you like the videos on the blog! Jane

  6. Dragonstar. I think you are right. The more I look at the pictures and footage the more I think so too. If she is, then she will probably disappear soon to have the cubs. I will keep my eyes peeled. Jane

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