A surprise visitor in the night

Every morning I get up at about 6.30am, wander sleepily into the spare room where my computer lives, and review the fox activity filmed on the infra-red camera from the night before. This morning was very different.

Badger in the garden

I whizzed through the fox footage, (it looks like the female STILL hasn’t had her cubs and is fit to burst (the poor thing). It must happen soon – she surely can’t get much bigger?). The camera is activated by movement, and at 4am it started recording again. This was strange as the foxes had obviously eaten all the food I’d put out for them.

So when a badger came lumbering into view my sleepy eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets.

Those of you who know me well, will know that I love these black and white stripey characters. In the summer I spend hours and hours trying to watch them at my local badger sett (usually without much success) but I still love to listen to their gentle grunts and squeaks in the dark, before stumbling home through a pitch black wood (you should try it, it’s very relaxing!).

This time the badger had come to me as the 2 min video above shows. I’ve only seen a badger in the garden once before, so it’s strange that it should suddenly make an appearance now. I guess it’s from my local sett, and looks like a mature adult. Hopefully if I keep tempting it with sultanas and nuts it will come again.

It stayed for a leisurely 7 minutes (eating the sultanas that the foxes don’t seem to like much) before wandering off to another part of the garden.

Maybe next time it will bring it’s mates – now that really would be too good to be true!


7 thoughts on “A surprise visitor in the night

  1. Pete & Doug. Thanks guys! I don’t care what you say… I’m still so excited at seeing it. In my garden, my garden… OK I know I was fast asleep at the time but does that matter… NO! Have just put a load of nuts and sultanas outside. Please come back badger! Hey Doug… funny we were talking about Badger beer the other day.. and then one of the stripey buggers turns up. Spooky! Must be a sign. Jane

  2. Mike. Ooo wouldn’t that be wonderful… no more Bill Oddie! Thanks for your comment. It was great to see the badger (in my own garden). These infra red cameras are amazing! Jane

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