A little food left out by the bird bath brought the badger back looking for more, and this time he brought his mate, and this time he turned the security light on…. so we have colour badgers! My powers of persuasion are awe-inspiring!

Badger in the Garden

I must admit I wasn’t confident the badger would come back. It had crossed my mind that it was a complete one-off.

Lets face it, Sunday night was the first time he had made an appearance and the camera has been in the front garden for quite a while. But I needn’t have worried. At 2.43am he wandered into view and his mate (yes there were at least two) managed to activate the security light. Well done!

While the light was on I managed to get some colour images of them (I’m saying “them” as I did get a tantalising view of the other ones head/backside in the right-bottom corner of the video – don’t blink or you’ll miss it).

They stayed for at least 10 mins in view of the camera, went away and then wandered through again at about 3.30am. Probably on their way home. I’m obviously on the “route” now.

This really is more than I could have hoped for.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking, I won’t be saying that when I have twenty holes as big as buckets in my lawn…


4 thoughts on “Badgered…

  1. Great pictures – you’ll have to send a copy to Springwatch to show when their badgers don’t perform on schedule !!

  2. Thanks Sis. Not sure it’s good enough for that… more interesting that Bill Oddie though… I give you that! Really exciting seeing them. I’m in the spare room at the moment, as I’ve got a snotty cold, I keep waking up wondering if the badgers are outside! Hope you are ok. Talk soon. Jane

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