Two posts in one night… steady on girl!

Watching my garden WebCam last night (along with about eight other happy wildlife watchers from around the world) we were treated to plenty of foxes and at 10.30pm a lone badger.

Badger in the Garden

It’s the first time I’ve seen a badger this early in the evening. She stayed around for a while, and then disappeared into the garden undergrowth when the neighbours started banging their car doors. However, reviewing the night video I notice that she came back again at about 2am for 10 mins just to hoover up the last of the sultanas and peanuts.

Here is a short video of her… who I have given the nickname Apple because she comes from the Orchard Sett.

It’s been relatively dry for the last few days, and I’m wondering if she has had to venture out a bit earlier in order to get enough food.

Rain is forecast tonight and tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if she appears again after the heavens have opened and there are plenty of worms and slugs for her to eat nearer to home.

There also seems to be more foxes in the garden. Especially two youngsters. One who is very healthy and likes having a good laugh.

Fox in the garden

Here is a video of her last night.

The other who has lost all the fur from her tail, and is limping badly. I’m hoping she will make a recovery over the next few weeks with a bit of feeding up on honey sandwiches and pet vitamins.

Fox with no tail

The video below is from last night and shows just how bad her limp is.

8 thoughts on “Two posts in one night… steady on girl!

  1. The Black Rabbit. Don’t be huffy… you can come and visit any time. I’m actually really upset that neither you or Shirl have got a bluetit nesting (yet!) but I haven’t given up hope. You’ve got your woodpeckers! I haven’t got them! I haven’t even got sparrows or starlings. Jane

  2. How amazing to have a garden web cam! Great pictures. And the ‘amazing’ crow is fantastic. They are some of my favourite birds, I feel quite affectionate towards them (is that strange?!!)

  3. Hi Suburbia. Not strange at all! We have two jackdaws in the garden at the moment, and they are probably one of my favourite birds! Glad you found me. The garden webcam is live from 7-11pm most nights. Usually see foxes and sometimes even badgers. Jane

  4. I’ve just been catching up on all your posts. I know it’s been a while since I dropped in, but you’ve been busy here.
    Coo! You don’t have sparrows or starlings? We have loads of starlings, and a good family of sparrows now. I’m sure of two adult pairs, though there may be more, so we should have more babies this year. When we first came here we were falling over sparrows in the street. Now I’m excited over two pairs. How times change!

  5. hi jane love your camsream i look forward to the chat and banter and to see a badger live was a real bonus, i have a bird feeder in the little garden i have, there are not a lot of sparrows about but loads of starlings and pidgeons a pair of blue tits they have ignored the nest box i put up see you tonight Johnboy

  6. Dragonstar. Thanks for stopping by. It seems strange I don’t have sparrows and starlings I know… not sure why they shun my lovely garden… 30 other species of bird things it’s absolutely “great”. I’d love to see both more often, and not just when they get lost. As you say, it’s strange how times change. Jane

  7. Hi Johnboy. Thanks for having a look round the diary pages. We seem to have quite a little gang on the webcam each night, but everyone seems really nice. Glad to hear you have a feeder… you never know what might turn up! Jane

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