New Camcorder arrived

Today I received my new XL1S Canon Camcorder from Elgin, and 2 x batteries from DigiQuick. All looks to be ok.

2 thoughts on “New Camcorder arrived

  1. I used that camcorder from 2002 until 2007 and really liked it. I only quite using it because of wanting to shoot in high definition. I got a Sony HVR-A1u in the spring of 2006 and got the XL-H1 in January of 2007. I still used the XL-1s until I got the XL-H1, because of its’ ability to use the long telephotos with the EF adapter. The Sony just didn’t have enough reach on the telephoto end.

    Sadly my XL-1s is in need of major repairs and I am told that it is probably not cost effective to repair it, so it will likely remain in the house as a memento of the good times I had with it.

    I hope you enjoy yours very much!

  2. Hi Willard. Thanks again for visiting my site. I’m just getting to grips with the XL1s… but it seems a great camera. I would have liked an HD (I bet it is great), but I wanted one with detachable lenses and control over focus, etc…. and the XL-H1 was out of my price range. The XL1s will be a great camera to learn my wildlife filming skills with. I’m looking for an EF adapter at the moment… but they seem quite hard to get hold of in the UK. However a friend is going to lend me a converter… although this will only increase the zoom by about 1.6x (I think) it will be interesting to see how it works. Thanks again for your comment. Jane.

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