Badger Visit

The badger, Apple, made a short and sweet “walk through” visit early this morning at 2.56am squatting to leave a scent mark as she walked! No food left for her so she kept on going. First time I’ve seen her since the two days of snow on the 6 and 7 April. Dry last night and slightly warmer, but still a frost.

For anyone who has been wondering, I’ve been trying to keep these diary notes about the badger so that I could spot some kind of link between the times it visits, the weather and the temperature.

At the moment it seems to be around about 3am… ish. I can’t say it’s being particularly consistent. However, it has only come on dry nights, and usually after we have had at least one other dry night beforehand.

So from that I can deduce? it doesn’t like to venture out in the wet (or not far from the sett) and it takes 6 hours to get to my garden (if it’s leaving the sett at about 9pm).

Here is the badger walk through video that I took early yesterday morning. Well not me exactly, but the infra red camera stuck in the front garden next to the bird bath…


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