Badger & Foxes Update

I haven’t updated you lately on the regular visitors to my garden, so if you have been wondering about them here’s an update with latest videos.

Badger in the Garden

Having a drink before passing through

The Badger

Apple (sorry, I can’t just call her “badger”) has been visiting regularly, as you’ve probably noticed from my “diary notes” over previous days. She always seems to visit when it’s been dry for at least a couple of days, so I’m wondering if she is looking for food further from the sett on those nights.

She made an appearance in front of the camera twice early this morning, once at 2.25am and again at 3.24am. She doesn’t hang around for long, but has a good snuffle and a drink (as you will see in the video below). About a minute into the video she looks like she’s trying to juggle with something!

Video of Apple

The Foxes

Both the male “dog” fox and the female “vixen” are visiting every night. The male is very handsome, with a big bushy tail and thick soft coat.

Video of the dog fox

The female is another matter. She looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. She came looking for food very early yesterday evening (7.30pm) and I managed to catch a short bit of footgage of her in daylight. As you can see her coat is not at it’s best, and her tail looks like it’s taken a bit of a battering (maybe mange or fleas?).

Video of the vixen

At one point in the footage you can actually see her teets hanging down. Poor thing, she’s probably sick to death of looking after the cubs. I remember last year she used to curl up on the lawn in the middle of the day and fall asleep, just to get some peace and quiet for a couple of hours.

Hopefully now that she has ventured out of the den (or “earth”) and is feeding herself, she will put some weight back on. We should also see the cubs in a few weeks time. It will be interesting to see how many she had and how many survive until Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Badger & Foxes Update

  1. Hi Jane…enjoyed catching up with your badgers and foxes…the poor vixen’s looking rather under nourished and like you said, her tail and fur is looking a bit of a mess…taking care of the babies is probably taking it toll on her, hope she’s ok.

    Thanks for the visits…oh and, yep…great minds do think alike!

  2. Jan. Yes, she does look a bit ropey… poor thing. I’m going to try and build her up with some pet vitamins (if I can make sure she gets the food). Yes, you have a beautifully designed blog! ha! ha!

  3. Hi Jane, interesting update. The vixen doesn’t look too bad but I bet she’s getting tired of her brush being used for teething 🙂 Hopefully if there is a problem it’s fleas rather than mange. I love seeing your badgers as well. We don’t get any venturing into our garden, though I occasionally spot one in the street late at night.

  4. Hi Permuted. Thanks for your comment. Do you think that’s what has happened to her brush… it does look a bit cub-eaten. I’m hoping to do a post soon with clips of ALL the foxes that are visiting. I think there are about five at the moment. Difficult to distinguish them using infra-red black and white, so I have left the light on all night and managed to get some colour footage (now all I have to do is edit it!). Jane

  5. Hi Shirl. Yes, I should have told you about Vimeo. They are much better quality than Google Video and YouTube and the full screen option is quite fun. It’s free as well… which is always nice! Jane

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