Sunday Badger Watch

Last Sunday I spent the evening watching badgers in deepest-darkest Dorset.

The farmer who owns this land has set up a hide for people who want to watch the badgers. He also puts some very tempting peanuts down for them! Every night they come out of their sett and wander down to the peanut-field in front of the hide.

It was wet, cold and generally a bit rubbish for badgers…. but we were lucky.

We ended up seeing three badgers. The footage is pretty “damp” looking (as it’s through rain-covered glass) but they did come out in broad daylight (about 7.30pm) so we still managed to get a good look at them.

I will try to go back later in the year to see the cubs and to take some “better” video.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Badger Watch

  1. However many badgers I see, each one is as magical and as special as the first, long may they continue to roam and live free. Their only preditor is man, why don’t we cull him?

  2. I couldn’t agree more Jane. I hadn’t seen one properly until about 4 years ago, now I can’t get enough of them. They are such under-rated creatures. I just hope they don’t continue with plans for a cull and then really regret it in years to come when we have NO badgers. It would be a great loss to our wildlife, in my opinion.

  3. Hi Jane.
    Lovely video! (and whispering! (adds to the atmosphere!)
    Looks like last weekend was Badger weekend eh? Although our sow emerged an hour later than all yours!
    Some sort of cullis inevitable I’m afraid – this has all to do with politics and nothing to do with facts, and as much as I regard it as a crying shame, bTB makes foot and mouth look like a common cold – and I do actually sympathise with some farmers…
    I think the cull (when (if) if eventually happens in the south west (I can’t see it happening elsewhere)), will be poorly executed (as in Ireland), and pointless.
    Many badgers will die, but many will survive – as, of course, will bTB.

    Anyhoo – looking forward to seeing our own cubs soon, AND yours!

  4. Hi Doug. I didn’t realise I’d left the sound in. I usually mute it. As you can imagine there was lots of whispering…. I know where you’re coming from with regards to the cull. I have many friends who are farmers, and it is a massive problem. They are worried stiff that bTB will come to their farms. Badger culling isn’t going to be the answer (as you say, it has already failed elsewhere). Unfortunately I don’t know what the answer is. Wish I did. Jane

  5. Hi Permuted. Yes I should go back now and see if the cubs are out. Thanks for your comments on the film, it was a real privilege to see them. Jane

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