Looking for an Adder and Finding a Smooth Snake (or two or three)

Today I went back to the place I saw the smooth snake in the hope of maybe seeing an adder. Believe it or not I’ve never seen one!

Smooth Snake

Another beautiful Smooth Snake Coronella austriaca

What I wasn’t expecting to see was another smooth snake. What I really wasn’t expecting were THREE more smooth snakes. I really couldn’t believe my luck seeing these incredibly rare reptiles. Dozing under the corrugated sheets at the side of a very busy road they were happy as Larry (or should that be Sid?).

I was amazed at the difference in colouring as well. I only managed to get photographs of two of the snakes, but did manage some video of each which I will post on here in the coming weeks.

Here is the third snake that I found. Much lighter in colour but still with the distinct dark line going through it’s eye, round pupil and smooth shiny scales.

Smooth Snake

Just thought you might like to see some photos!


8 thoughts on “Looking for an Adder and Finding a Smooth Snake (or two or three)

  1. It just gets better.

    You’ll see an Adder, just patience as they’re more prone to move off when they sense vibrations. Many years ago as a child my parents took me on a walk up Yeavering Bell in Northumberland. My father said, look a shed Adder skin. We were just admiring it when my mother let out a blood curdling scream, as the Adder was next to her. I didn’t know mothers made that noise until then, the Adder left in a marked manner. Great day.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Adders tend to have their favoured spot for basking, and although they are found under tins you will get a much longer look at one if you find it basking in the sun. They are very wary, and will scoot off as soon as they sense you getting near. We have a few sites quite near the Centre – if you don’t find one soon, pop over and we’ll take you to them! I should also add that there is quite a bit of safety to worry about when lifting tins, as a disturbed Adder with nowhere to hide may well ‘have a go’!

  3. Border Reiver. I may have to take Steve (DWT) up on his offer of showing me one of their basking sites. It made me laugh hearing your account of your mum… I would have been the same a few years ago, now I’m fascinated by them. Jane

  4. Steve (DWT). Thanks for the advice and don’t worry I have been lifting the sheets with a stick (just to be careful!). I may be fascinated in them but not keen to end up in casualty! Have just spent a week in France by a lake, think I saw a basking Asp viper, Vipera aspis. Very orange in colour, very impressive looking – nearly an adder – at least it was a viper! Jane

  5. Last summer I met an adder on a narrow sandy track in the New Forest. I screamed very loudly and have never walked narrow sandy tracks since! Congratulations Jane on your amazing pictures.

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