The Spotted Flycatcher Vigil

Do you like suspense? Personally I hate it. So the last few weeks have been excruciating as I wait and hope that the rare spotted flycatchers will fly back from Africa and nest in the nestbox on the side of my house.

The First Spotted Flycatcher 2008

The first tantalising glimpse of one (above) was on the 12th of May at 9am in the morning. It only stayed for a matter of a few seconds and then it was gone. At least one had made it back to Corfe Mullen.

Days and days passed and then on Saturday the 17th at about 6pm in the evening another one (or the same one) appeared again. This time it stayed for over a minute and I managed to get some film. It seems to be checking out the box, jumping in and out and even churping at times (unfortunately the camera doesn’t have sound but you can see it’s beak move!).

Although I’m relieved to see one I’m really worried that there is only “one”. Every year for the last 4 years they have nested in this box. Some years have been good with as many as five chicks fledging, others have been bad. Last year was very bad with no chicks due to the awful weather and lack of food.

So I will continue my “birdie” vigil. Sometimes I think it would be better if I turned the camera off and just turned it on again if I heard or saw them catching flys in the garden.

Greenfinch has a look around

Just to confuse me a greenfinch (or as Pete says below…. this is probably a female house sparrow) decided to have a look yesterday.

Get out you imposter!


11 thoughts on “The Spotted Flycatcher Vigil

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  2. Love your wildlife notes, seeing your badger photos and there are good setts to watch on Purbeck, we’ve seen them recently and quite close to us even though we had the dog with us!

  3. Hi Lyn. Great to hear that you have been so close to badgers. You lucky thing! I must admit I haven’t been out watching badgers so much this year… so much else going on, but I hope to spot some cubs soon (or maybe they will visit my garden… that would be great). Still no signs of the flycatchers or the fox cubs. Fingers crossed. Jane

  4. Thanks Pete. I think you’re right. The sparrows have only been back in our garden for the first time this year. It must have been having a look at possible nesting sites I guess (or just being nosey!). Jane

  5. Well this would make up for our Judas Tits and my faves, the Swifts, whose box (with Tit cam in) we put up a day late!
    LOVE spotty flcatchers!

  6. TBR. I wish I had good news, but I don’t. I think they have turned “Judas” just like your Tits. A couple of visits and now nothing for days. It will be the first time in 4 years they haven’t nested there. Tres upset! Jane

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