Moth Identification Course in Dorset

Just a quick post to let people know that Dorset Wildlife Trust have arranged a Moth Trapping/Identification Course (they are only “trapped” for one night and then let go!) for anyone with a keen interest in moths (or like me just wants to know a little bit more about them) starting on the 21 June 2008. I think there are several sessions split over several weeks and you can go along to all or just one or two of them.

I know I get some local “Dorset” visitors to Urban Extension, so I thought I would just let you know. It’s bound to be a great course (I’ve attended a lot of their courses before). For further details (and you don’t need to be a Dorset Wildlife Trust member to attend) contact Steve Davis at Dorset Wildlife Trust at 01202 692033 or email him at


5 thoughts on “Moth Identification Course in Dorset

  1. Hi Border Reiver… I’ve emailed Steve at Dorset Wildlife Trust as well (the email is correct as far as I can see). So hopefully you should be able to catch up with him at some point soon. Jane

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