Digging a Wildlife Pond with Help!

This is obviously the finished article (minus the water plants). I now have a fantastic wildlife pond. However, it didn’t just “happen”. The following shows how it came about.

Pic 1: OK, so you have seen the after shot but here is the before shot. This was taken in my garden at about 8am this morning. The poles roughly mark out where the pond will be going.

Pic 2: Next the Volunteer Crew from Dorset Wildlife Trust turn up and set to work clearing the plot and marking out the pond. They kindly said they would help me with this project to encourage even more wildlife into my Corfe Mullen garden.

Pic 3: Next, the pond goes deeper. In the middle it is roughly 2 1/2 feet, with shelves at different heights for different plants, and to encourage different insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Pic 4: Below shows the shelves taking shape, coming up into a shallow-end (where birds and mammals can drink) and hopefully dragonflies will like it too.

Pic 5: Next, all the stones and roots need to be picked out, so that they don’t tear the liner.

Pic 6: After a fleece under-liner and some old carpet have been put down, the pond liner is carefully placed on top.

Pic 7: Now all we have to do is wait for the water to do it’s stuff!

Pic 8: Once full, the crew add some rocks to the back of the pond (for insects and amphibians to hide).

Pic 9: All done. Posing for the camera! Thanks guys, I really couldn’t have done this without you and it looks fantastic. I keep going outside to make sure it’s still there. I can’t wait to get some water plants in and then just sit back and wait for the wildlife to arrive!


19 thoughts on “Digging a Wildlife Pond with Help!

  1. Hi Jane, what a great posting..pond looks great. I wish I had 6 helpers!!! Have you added a litre or so of water from another pond or river? It should speeed up the colonisation as you’ll add micro-fauna and flora. Having the “Dry Stone Wall” area and the grass in the front you will attract all sorts of things, so will look forward to future postings as it develops. Any sign of Dubentons yet 🙂 Sorry I can’t make the Moth event tomorrow.

  2. Hi Border Reiver. Thanks! I’m really pleased with it. It would have taken me days and days if I’d had to do it all alone, the volunteer team did an amazing job. I will be borrowing… OK “nicking” some plants from a friends pond, so I guess I could ask for a bucket of water at the same time and slosh my way home along the potholed roads of Dorset… should be fun (if not a little wet!). I will let you know how it progresses (the pond not the wet journey!). No Dubentons… just mozzies at the moment! I can’t make the event on the 21st either, perhaps I will see you at the next one? Jane

  3. Your pond’s looking bloomin’ good. Now sit back and wait for the wildlife to arrive! In the bottom photo, which one are you, Jane?
    BTW, I think I mayve have accidentally deleted one of your comments on my blog – sorry. Please re-post, if that’s the case.

  4. Would you believe it! I happened to glance at my own pond last night – and it’s nearly empty! All I can assume is that the liner has been punctured by a root or something. Have topped it back up for now – if it goes down again, it’s a trip to the aquatic centre for another liner for me. Lucky for me that I had your pond to hone my skilss on earlier in the week! Will have plenty of plants and insect life available for you if I do have to re-line!

  5. Hi Steve. God, that’s bad luck. If it is the liner let me know and I’ll give you a hand putting a new one in (in exchange for a few plants/insects!). You did say you would have done yours differently, I guess now is the ideal opportunity… Jane

  6. Hi Sara. A duck pond eh! Look forward to seeing that. You will have to have a duck-pond digging BBQ and get your friends round to help dig (and feed them burgers afterwards!).

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  9. Nice pond, I just finished building a duck pond and im planning on building a wildlife pond out of reach of the ducks, happy wildlife watching

  10. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and
    checking back often!

  11. i see your pond was built in 2008. How is it doing? I’m thinking of making one. Can you tell me what the dimensions of yours is as I only have a small area available. Thanks.

    • The pond has been amazing. About 30-40 mating frogs every spring, lots of damselflies and dragonflies and newts. It’s about 3ft wide by 6ft long and 3ft deep (with shelving – as you can see in the pics) but you could make it smaller. A friend of mine made one using 2 of those plastic gardening trugs you can buy, and planted them up! Good luck!

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