The Return of the Spotted Flycatchers

Lying in bed yesterday morning half asleep Andrew (husband) suddenly said to me “what’s that bird on the telephone line?”. I have to admit I couldn’t believe my eyes. There on the line sat a small, perky little spotted flycatcher. Then she was gone. But where?

I raced into the office (only two rooms away) turned on the flycatcher nestbox camera and low and behold there it was sitting on the edge of the nestbox! For the rest of the morning I watched as the pair flew backwards and forwards taking nesting material into the box – I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

To say I was excited is probably a massive understatement. I thought they had definately decided NOT to nest in the box this year. They have never nested in it so late. Maybe they tried to nest somewhere else and failed, maybe one of the pair was really late getting back from Africa. Anyway, what ever the reason I’m just really pleased they are trying to nest in their usual box and that I will have the pleasure of watching them and showing you.

The spotted flycatcher webcam will be on during the day (when I am around, and the computer is on) and I will post regular clips of them. Such as the one below, which is the first proper film of them this year.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they have a successful year.

14 thoughts on “The Return of the Spotted Flycatchers

    And where’ve you bin recently? I expect a written apology on my desk by the morning! 😉
    I can’t be excited as you ’bout your spotty flycatchers, but I am very excited – and very pleased for you!

  2. Thanks Doug. Sorry I’ve not been around much. Been away, and things just went mad when I got back… raptor course, bat course, talking to groups about Nature Watch, getting my pond dug, advertising Nature Watch events that are coming up (I won’t make any more excuses!). I’ll keep you updated on the spotties. Jane

  3. Hi Pete, Neil and Tricia. Thanks for all your comments and thanks for visiting my site. Can’t wait to show you more pics/film as things progress (hopefully!). Jane

  4. What a wonderful fantastic piece of filming.
    Ours are back and have chosen a safe nesting site (unusually) in the apex of the open fronted shed outside the kitchen window. Wonderful viewing!

    Their first brood hatched on Saturday so lots of activity.

    Oh by the way – well done for getting your pond at last!

  5. Hi Paula. So glad to hear that you have your flycatchers again this year. I had a little camera put up in front of my flycatcher nestbox in spring and thought they had been “spooked” by it, but now they seem to have come back. It’s letting me see stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to see from the ground. I’m away in France at the moment, so I just hope they are still there when I get back! The pond is brilliant… not as big as yours but it’s a start! Jane

  6. I’ve just found out the little birds nesting outside my door on a ledge are a pair of spotted fly catchers. They have tree or four fledglings who are just about to fly I think. It has been very exciting as it the first time we have encountered them. Your web site confirmed the identification. We live in SW France in a huge organic garden so they are very happy with the abundance of insects!.

  7. Hi Nicki. Thanks for visiting and really glad my pictures and film have helped you to ID your little birds. They are lovely, it’s great to hear that yours have managed to fledge. I bet they love your “insect friendly” garden… just up their street! Jane

  8. Our spotted fly catchers returned this Summer to the same ledge outside the door. It was very exciting to watch them from the beginning. This year they raised four chicks successfully and we saw three of these take their very first flight off the ledge and onto the Abri roof just about three metres away. They then disappeared into the trees, and although we could hear them we never saw them again. looking forward to a return visit next year.

    • Nicki thanks so much for commenting again this year! I’m so glad you were able to watch your little flycatchers as they nested and raised their chicks. They are such lovely little birds. Ours raised 3 chicks this year – under our watchful eye before disappearing into the trees. Lets hope we are both lucky next year!

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