Nightjars, Glow-worms & Flycatchers

My Nature Watch Corfe Mullen project moved into top gear this week with the first of our local Wildlife Events, a Nightjar & Glow-worm Twilight Wander on Barrow Hills, but did we see any? wander over to the website and read the event report for the full low-down of the evening. The second exciting thing that has happened this weekend is the hatching of my spotted flycatcher chicks.

Here you can see the proud parents having a bit of a shouting match at 9.45am this morning. Maybe they knew that something was about to happen?

The female has been patiently sitting on her eggs for roughly a week and a half. When we left to go to France for a week on the 21 June they had just finished the nest. I’m guessing she laid the eggs a couple of days later, and then they took between 10-14 days to hatch.

I haven’t bored you with lots of “Mum sitting on eggs” footage, as to be honest it was a bit dull, but now that the kids have arrived things will probably liven up a bit. I’m really hoping that Dad will step up to the mark, as he hasn’t been doing a great job of keeping Mum fed on the nest. However, I have been keeping an eye on what he “has” been bringing in and these are a couple of the frames that I saved.

This one above shows him actually bringing Mum some food on the 30 June at 1.11pm. I think this is a hoverfly of some sort. The second frame below shows him turning up today at 9.45am when Mum wasn’t even there with a big fat wasp. He then sat there for ages looking very confused and flustered. Between the two of us I don’t think he’s too bright!

I’m finishing tonight with a minute long compilation of the flycatchers over the last few days, the first part shows Dad bringing Mum a fly, then the shouting match today, and finishes with the first shots of the chicks tonight (I’m sure I will get better footage soon).

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the rain stops tomorrow and Mum and Dad can catch some decent flies for the kids…

12 thoughts on “Nightjars, Glow-worms & Flycatchers

  1. Hi Jane, What brilliant pics & video. Did it take a lot of editing to get that minute of action? Sorry I missed the walk on Saturday but I read on a blog that you had 32 people so I bet you were really chuffed at the turnout. Sarah 🙂

  2. I love the shouting match one! Fantastic video. Hopefully the promised high will be here soon and make it easier for the parents to find food.

    Great, great news Jane

  3. Thank you, Jane for your comments…I enjoyed the walk very much and I know Tatty did too. Tattyanne and I work together and discovered that we have a mutual love of nature so we have been off a few times to see what we can see. My husband likes nature but prefers to walk rather than watch!! I am country born and have found it a nice surpise that there is stuff even in the built up areas, Nightjars and Glow worms being just two! BW Goosey

  4. Hi Teagan. Thanks. No not much editing. Lots of footage to use now that the chicks are here, I’ve got lots of them being fed today. No problem about the walk… however you missed a good evening!

  5. Thanks Dragonstar. Yes, I’m really pleased it seems to be taking off and people are really interested in it. Lots of work though, so it’s nice to take time out and watch the flycatcher!

  6. Hi Paula. I love the shouting match as well. They are a very argumentative couple… I hope the high does come soon. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is looking awful. They have managed to catch quite a bit today as the sun has come out a lot this afternoon.

  7. Hi Lyn, it was great that you and Tatty could come on the walk. It’s really good to know that there are lots of us out there watching the wildlife. I don’t know how well you know the Corfe Mullen area, but if you ever want a guided tour of the wildlife hotspots let me know!

  8. Hi Jane, sorry I missed the walk too, and the DWT Moth morning. Totally my fault thinking both were being run by DWT, only to find out the error of my ways too late. Great though you had such a good turn out on such a dreadful evening, wildlife can cope with wet and windy weather much better than me. Keep me in mind for the next one.

    Just looked at the Corfe Mullen Naturesite too, which I’d not read before. What a great resource and local wildlife site, I wish you and the group every success. Nature is about local projects and passion, all those small local initiatives becoming one big countrywide success.

    Great views of the Spotties too, don’t think I’ve come across nest cams for that species before. What I like about them is their predictability, find a tree they use for flycatching and they’ll be there day after day, great fun watching them.

  9. Hi Jane, thanks for organising a great evening walk on Saturday and thanks to Nicky as well for all the info. Mike and I will make a point of going up on the heath again one evening to go nightjar spotting, but not when its quite so windy! Great news too about the growing flycatcher family.

  10. Hi Border Reiver. Don’t worry! I will let you know about the next one. Nature Watch is going well… it’s just a one-woman crusade really, but I’m getting quite a few records sent in and people on the events (which is great). The spotties are brilliant. No, I haven’t seen another nestbox-cam for them either, they are stunning fly-catchers, I could watch them all day!

  11. Hi Chis. Thanks so much for coming and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Go back on a lovely, balmy summers evening (if we get one) it will be beautiful. Look out for glowworms down your road in the hedgerow as well (it’s definately dark enough for them!).

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