Day Two with the Flycatcher “Kids”

So they made it through the night. With all that rain and wind I did wonder whether the two little chicks would be ok, but they were still waving their little beaks around begging for food at 7am this morning…. except now there were three!

The picture above shows Mum feeding the youngsters this morning

The pair have been flying backwards and forwards all day catching flies of differing sizes and types for the kids. It’s hard to know what they all are but I’m expecting hoverflies, wasps and mozzies to be on the menu (as that’s what we seem to have a glut of).

The following two minute epic shows just a selection of the two’ings and fro’ings today. By dodging the rain showers the pair have been doing a sterling job of supplying enough food for their hungry trio.

It’s looking like a rainy week, so lets hope Corfe Mullen gets off lightly!

[Vimeo 1297408]


10 thoughts on “Day Two with the Flycatcher “Kids”

  1. That’s beautiful, Jane! I love the look of pride on Mum’s face – and don’t tell me I’m anthropomorphising, because she does look proud! That ending is perfect.

  2. Can I not see a fourth there? I thought I did at one point. Robert says butterflies are the preferred food…well, I hope it’s lots of other things too as I can’t see many flying in this appalling weather. Shades of last summer – and a few days ago this was going to be the good week.

    Hope they manage.

  3. God Paula… I think you might be right. I was so excited that there were three I didn’t even look for a forth! With all this rain today I’m really worried about them. Mum/Dad haven’t been able to feed them much at all. Hoping for better weather tomorrow and fingers crossed they are strong enough to survive until then…

  4. Great stuff Jane 😀

    Let’s hope they survive to fledge! The rain does seem to make it tricky for the parents to find food for their young. Best wishes to all 😀

  5. Hi Shirl. Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes. I will be up early in the morning to see how the “kids” are doing. I hate this blimin rain! Jane

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