My first hairy stag…

I had forgotten that I hadn’t told you about my “visitor” from the other night.

Going downstairs to make myself a coffee at about 10pm, I walked into the kitchen and nearly trod on the above critter – a lesser stag beetle.

He/she (sorry, I don’t know how to sex them!) was wandering around the kitchen floor. God knows how it got into the house, but from all the fluff on it’s legs/horn it looks like it’s been walking across our carpet (which is only upstairs).

Lesser Stag Beetle on glass

It was obviously pretty peeved at not being able to find its way out of the house, so I took a few quick photos and carried it up the garden in the pitch black and deposited it under the beech trees.

It’s not a species I’ve seen before. I’m getting conflicting views as to it’s scarcity but what I do know is that the Dorset Environmental Records Centre don’t hold a recent record of it in Corfe Mullen. So a first for me and a great record for my Nature Watch project!


8 thoughts on “My first hairy stag…

  1. Hi Dragonstar. I remember being in Australia in a real dive of a hostel full of cockroaches. In the night I forgot the roaches and went barefooted to the loo. I couldn’t work out why it was so “crunchy” under foot! In the morning I realised. I haven’t been able to even look at a cockroach since… Jane

  2. You may remember (you may not) if you read Blue-Grey last summer that Anna picked up the tv remote control one evening in our house (whilst I was at work of course!) and there was a Lesser Stag Beetle sitting under it!
    Maybe they have a reputation for sneaking about our houses eh?!

  3. Doug. No I didn’t stop that post. I will go and have a look. That must have given Anna a shock! They certainly seem to like sneaking around houses.

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