Foxes & Badgers : Catching up with the Garden Nightlife

It has been ages since I did an update on the foxes and badgers, so last night I set up the front garden infra-red camera and captured some film overnight. I’m pleased to report that everyone seems to be fit and healthy!

One of the foxes from last night

First we have the foxes. There were at least two in the garden. Both looked very fit (no mange) and have put on quite a bit of weight over the summer. I’ve been trying to ID them and I think they must be the two youngsters from last year.

They kept tripping the security light as they ran up and down the drive, so the following footage (which is about 3 mins long) is mainly in a strange infra-red colour. The first fox definately has a larger brush (tail) than the fox in the second half, but they are very similar. I’ve no idea if they are males or females… but gut feeling is that they are both female. I’ve just realised I’ve got “spooky” foxes that evaporate into thin air mid-scene! Woooo!

I did sprinkle a few peanuts (not salted!) and raisins out for them, which is why they are sticking in this area. At one point in the film one of them actually lies down! Now I know foxes love to sit down while eating, but lying down? that is just down right lazy!

Now to the badgers. Well that isn’t quite accurate it’s just “one” badger. I’m not sure if it’s the same one from earlier in the year. Somehow it looks slightly smaller and longer legged but that might just be the angle of the camera.

I have only caught about 10 seconds of footage over two nights (as by the time the badger visits at about 1am all the nuts/raisins have been eaten by the greedy foxes!). So it’s just a quick walk-through and gone.

I wish I knew what sett the badger is coming from. One sett is across a busy road the other is at the bottom of my road (with no roads to cross). In such an urban area traffic is a problem that badgers (and foxes) face on a nightly basis.

All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope they have become extremely traffic-savy.

Hope you enjoyed the update… more to follow in the next couple of weeks.


17 thoughts on “Foxes & Badgers : Catching up with the Garden Nightlife

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  2. Hi Pete. I know, how rubbish was that! Sorry if it made you green. I had 4 foxes earlier in the year and 2 badgers – where have they all gone???? Deserted me!

  3. Lovely to see your visitors again. They look really healthy!

    By the way, I saw some tiny pitcher plants at my local Lidl today – they looked unwell, so I left them there. Apparently they’d had Venus Fly Trap too, but they were sold out! Typical!

  4. Thanks for the tip-off Dragonstar. I will have to have a look in Lidl (not a place I would have thought to look!). Yes, the foxes look really good. I’ve been watching them again tonight… so will hopefully get footage of the rest of the family over the next week. Did you know Dragonstar that you have been posting on my blog since my very first post? what a star you are …. a “dragon” star!

  5. Hi Mike. I had a look at your photos. At least your fox looks better than it did (no weepy eye). I must admit ours are looking very good at the moment, everything changes in the winter though. Some of them usually end up with mange – which is always really awful.

  6. Hi Sara. Never seen a badger… and you living on a farm! I’ve actually got loads more footage now from last night, really showing the badger at it’s best… I will do another post soon so you can see it.

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