Breaking News! Autumnwatch is coming to Dorset

You heard it here first (I really wish I could have told you before… but I was sworn to secrecy!). This years BBC Autumnwatch will be broadcast live from Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, Dorset from 27 October to 6 November 2008.

Red Squirrel (courtesey of Wikipedia)

There should be plenty of red squirrels on show, along with flocks of wading birds on the lagoon. I can’t wait! Brownsea is about 6 miles from where I live in Corfe Mullen. It’s a beautiful island slap-bang in the middle of busy Poole Harbour. You wouldn’t know it when you go there it’s like being in another world.

I stayed overnight at Dorset Wildlife Trust’s “Villa” on Brownsea when I was taking part in a bat training course. Before we caught the ferry home in the morning (and before most other people were awake) I took a stroll along some of the island tracks. The air was clean and filled with the sound of birds, lizards lazed on fallen tree trunks and red squirrels jumped from branch to branch in the trees above. It really is an amazing place!

Common Lizard at Brownsea

So, if you fancy adopting your very own Brownsea Red Squirrel – you can! I’m definately thinking of getting one at Christmas for my niece (and maybe for myself…) I’m sure it will make a brilliant present. Plus you get a very cute fluffy squirrel. If you don’t fancy a red squirrel how about a Dorset Dormouse instead?

Common Dormouse (courtesey of Wikipedia)


15 thoughts on “Breaking News! Autumnwatch is coming to Dorset

  1. What fantastic news and thanks for revealing it now that you can. A return visit to Brownsea is long overdue for me and I agree with you that it’s a great place to visit; and oh those love red squirrels. Next year perhaps……

  2. What exciting news! I’ll be glued to the telly. Thanks for the squirrel link – my new grand-daughter will have an adoption pack.

    Thanks as well for your sweet comment on mine.

  3. Glad you liked the news and the adoption pack… really worthwhile pressie (and cute!). I’m so sorry about Badger… I just couldn’t think of anything to say that might help. Jane

  4. Yes looking forward to seeing the Red Squirrels on the TV. The setting up of the OB is proving tricky, but the team will get there. Autumnwatch is going to be interesting this year as from tip to toe of the country. Always fun. As for autumn, last evening the swallows were a-massing and I’ve not heard a Swift in a week now.

  5. Its great news – but not as good as the fact I myself will hopefully bhe going to brownsea in a couple of weeks. Im camping at Ashurst and were thinking of popping to brownsea for the day πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Misti. Yes, where did summer go??? Red squirrels have got to be one of the cutest British mammals by far. Unfortunately the American Grey Squirrel has turfed them out of most of their original habitats. The big bullies!

  7. Hi Border Reiver. I forgot that you would probably be involved. We are having to try and get a broadband connection on Brownsea… what a palarva! Put a good word in for “urban extension”… if they are looking for some “local” content I’m sure the friendly wildlife on my urban patch would perform for them πŸ™‚

  8. Neil. I’m probably going over soon. I’m sure you will have a great time. Ashurst should be great as well, some stunning countryside around there, but Brownsea has something “special” about it … something totally different than anywhere else.

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