> Worn-out, Balding Bumblebees

I’m not going to apologise for writing another post on bees so quickly. It’s not going to be long before their buzz will have completely disappeared from our gardens and we will have to wait for 2009 to see them again.

There are some decidedly scruffy bumblebees in the garden at the moment. If they have been around all summer their wings get raggedy and their colour fades, and sometimes they get caught in the rain, like this B. pascuorum above.

Others just get so tired that they bumble onto the ground, like this B. pascuorum, and sit there looking completely knackered. Basically I think they are. This one could hardly find the strength to take off again.

Then there are the ones who look like they have lost quite a bit of their hair.

This very dark bumblebee (as yet unidentified) was looking decidedly strange with his punk brown hairstyle, while his lower half (abdomen) was almost completely bald.

No doubt I will look back on these photos in the depths of winter and these raggedy little creatures will cheer me up.

Oh god I can’t believe it, I’m already looking forward to next Spring!


16 thoughts on “> Worn-out, Balding Bumblebees

  1. Scruffy bees? The one in that top picture would probably be mortally offended… it looks like he spent ages with the hair gel getting that style just right! I’m always rescuing tired bees and putting them on flowers to get their strength back.

  2. Hi Ron. Really glad you enjoy the blog. The XL is still very much in use (I was filming crickets/grasshoppers with it only the other day). No otters yet… but there’s still hope. Your films are great. When can we expect the “Ron C” blog?

  3. Tricia. Thanks. I really do just point and shoot… it’s just sometimes they turn out ok. It’s all a matter of numbers. Take enough and you usually end up with one you like.

  4. Stunning photos Jane – especially the first one. Have you asked the bumble bee people if they would like copies? I’ll send you the link – mislaid it momentarily.

  5. Great photies Jane!
    I’m down to the Carder bees (they’ll be here for a month or two yet), and a couple of knackered looking cuckoo bees.
    Sad eh?! 😦

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