> A Late Summer Visit to the Land of the Giants

New £99 camera and a bit of sunshine. These are just a few of the pics I’ve taken since last Saturday getting “up-close” with the little creatures that live in my garden.

Fly : Greenbottle Lucilia sp

Hoverfly : Melanostoma scalare? (big head, little body!)

Comma : Polygonia c-album scoffing one of the fallen apples

Another hairy fly with big eyes!

Hoverfly : Eristalis tenax? (big nose!)

Comma : Polygonia c-album (I wonder why they are called “comma” butterflies…!!)

Flesh Fly Sarcophaga carnaria (great name, gorgeous eyes!)

Speckled Bush-cricket Leptophyes punctatissima (lazing in the sun)


13 thoughts on “> A Late Summer Visit to the Land of the Giants

  1. Hi Dragonstar. Thanks! It’s called a FujiPix S5700. Bought it in Currys, but it’s also in Dixons and PC World. S5800 is also very similar (both around the same price). I don’t think they are making the S5700 any more… hence the price! There are a few things that annoy me about it… but on the whole, and for the money, it’s a great little camera. Jane

  2. Lovely shots Jane, in particular (in my opinion!) the first pf the Greenbottle on the daisy – I LOVE what you’ve done to the colour!, also the Drone fly and the Bush Cricket – very nice indeed!
    You don’t NEED a macro lens for that Fujifilm!!!

  3. Hi Doug. Very easy to replicate. Just download Picassa (free), import the picture and go to effects – focal b/w. You can choose how much of the picture to have b/w. The centre of attention does have to be exactly that … in the centre… which is a bit of a pain. I do need a macro. I want to get EVEN CLOSER! Jane

  4. Thanks Joe and TheQuacksoflife.. I really enjoyed taking them. Funny really, my old camera was £300 6 years ago and at the time I thought it was great (my first digital), and this once was £99 and is way better quality. I guess that’s progress for you!

  5. But is it more ‘pocket size’ than mummy’s Finepix S3000? She keeps missing out on taking pics of me & interesting stuff because she doesn’t always take the camera out on walks. I’ll get her to check it out. Teagan x

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