> I “Really” Ache!

I completed the Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) “Walk for Wildlife” sponsored walk across the Purbecks yesterday. God, am I suffering this morning! Thanks Steve and all at DWT for putting the event on… it was brilliant.

Corfe Castle in the early morning misty sunshine : the start of the walk

There were three distances to choose from 4 miles, 13.2 miles and 23 miles. I wanted a bit of a challenge. The 4 miler was too short and the 23 miles was just … well, exactly that… 23 miles (no way!), so I opted for the 13.2 miler.

The walk started in the pretty little village of Church Knowle at the MGFT Animal Sanctuary (who had very kindly allowed the Trust to use their field as a car park and stick up a marque, etc). I got there at 9.30am. The sun was still hazey but it looked like it was going to be a cracking day, a bit of breeze but not a cloud in the sky.

Corfe Castle in the distance : I never tire of these views

I’m not going to explain every step of the walk. I will let the pictures tell the story, and there’s a map at the end which roughly shows the route (although I think I’ve gone a bit astray with my lines in a couple of places…).

Corfe Castle looking over Brownsea Island to Poole beyond

Turning the other way : Looking down the Jurassic Coastline towards Portland

Walking across the Army Ranges (carefully!)

A place to relax and take in the view!

If you had ever wondered about visiting Dorset and particularly the Purbecks, then wonder no more… it’s stunning.

20 thoughts on “> I “Really” Ache!

  1. Hi Jane,

    Glad you enjoyed the walk – the pictures are (as always) great, and really give a sense of what I hoped everyone would get out of the walks. My favourite must be of the cow on the ranges, with Portland off in the distance. I think you chose wisely, the 13 miler gives you a great walk and leaves plenty of time to look and enjoy the views and the wildlife as you go. Well done on your achievement – now put your feet up and relax for a while!

  2. What beautiful views! You live in such a lovely area. I can imagine your aches – I spent yesterday helping my son erect a small shed, and you don’t want to know how I feel today! – but it looks like you had perfect weather.

  3. Hi Steve. The weather couldn’t have been any better and the views were stunning. Thanks for all your hard work in putting the event on. There were a lot of people out walking that day who had a great time! Jane

  4. Hilly. I couldn’t agree more. How awful it would be if we couldn’t see this countryside any more… and it was all “housing” and “motorways”. Some things need to be protected! Jane

  5. As you say Jane one never tires of the view of Corfe Castle, I guess you know the Square and Compass pub at worth matravers? always a good place to have a relaxing few minutes during a long walk. Cheese pasties are not bad either.

  6. Border Reiver. Have never been there. Have been to the Scott Arms… great views from there but must go to the Square and Compass especially for the cheese pasties!

  7. What evocative photos Jane – for a short while, late early 80s, we lived in that part of Dorset; the boys and I loved walking in across, along Purbeck and of course they we forever knights at Corfe. It took me back.

  8. Jane, your photos are so evocative of the Dorset I knew as a child that it really affects me greatly to see them. It will remain for me a place of halcyon memories and childhood innocence. I can’t help regretting that those days are gone for me…..they seem so distant and precious.

  9. Hi. I’m glad you found my blog. It is still a magical place. No regrets… just come back and visit this site from time to time and hopefully I can revive those memories and make you smile at the same time! Jane

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