> Last Gasps of Summer : Hello Autumn!

So it looks like summer is well and truly over. October arrived with northerly winds and Summer 2008 waved goodbye and got on the next plane to Florida. Depressed? At least we had a couple of weeks of sunshine and the insects managed to have a final feed.

Feeding Queen Bombus Terrestris – Buff -tailed Bumblebee

This isn’t going to be a long rambling post cos I’m trying to cheer myself up with some “sunny” photos and convince myself that Autumn is full of fascinating wild things.

Resting Hoverfly

Repeat after me “fungi is fun, fungi is fun!”. No really it is!

Russula rosea – The Rosy Brittlegill

Coprinopsis atramentaria – Common Ink Cap

Leccinum scabrum – Brown Birch Bolete

The final word has got to come from my beautiful Queen Bumblebee. Facial hair is going to be all the rage next year – take my word for it!


22 thoughts on “> Last Gasps of Summer : Hello Autumn!

  1. Hi Dragonstar. Glad you like the pics. I’ve just added another one to this post a common ink cap. I don’t know much about fungi… but I’m learning fast! Jane

  2. Hi again Jane – great shots! Bees always make me smile 😀

    Ah… but the fungi shots really caught my eye more – and you can identify them! A couple of weekends ago I took some snaps but gosh is it tricky to ID without seeing the stems of fungi. I took so long trying and failing that the impulse to post on them went!

  3. Your mushrooms photos are awesome! The red capped ones remind me of the Smurfs!

    Summer is leaving Florida too, but thankfully the nice fall and winter air is coming in here!

  4. Hi Shirl. I did have “help” identifying them… like you I find them almost impossible to identify. I have just ordered a great big fungi book from Amazon… so I should be an expert soon (yeah right!). Don’t give up! Try posting your pictures onto a forum such as Wild About Britain. Jane

  5. Doug. Sorry to hear you missed the last two weeks, on nights? Glad these pics made up for it a bit. It’s not the same as actually seeing and feeling it yourself though. Maybe we will get some more nice weather before winter hits us. Lets live in hope! Jane

  6. Thanks Misti. Yeah they are Smurf-like, or you imagine little fairies or pixies running round them (or is that just me???). Winter in Florida is probably like our Summer! (except better and warmer!). Ho hum… I hope to visit Florida again soon and soak up some of your lovely winter sunshine. Jane

  7. Hi Jane well done on the walk around the Purbecks
    I ‘ve not been to Corfe Castle for some years now very nice shots of the Q-Bee. I must say the fungi shots are great. I bet Mr Miles will be asking you to take his stills for him.

    I’ve been out today trying to film a pair of Kingfishers at my local nature reserve, alas they didn’t stop on the perches I set up a few weeks ago. just shot-past half a dozen times.


  8. Hi Ron. Thanks for your comment and the link. I know I should probably know but who is “Mr Miles”. I’m imagining he is a fungi expert… I’ve just bought Michael Jordan’s book on fungi and have seen the one by Roger Philips. Bad luck with the kingfishers. The little buggers, why didn’t they use your perches?? Jane

  9. Hi Jane,
    Mr Hugh Miles lives not far from you; I think you met him last year.
    One of his most memorable films of his is “Kingdom of the Ice Bear.” I think he is busy editing his new film
    “Catching the Impossible’’

    The King fishers and perches, they may have got the hump, as there was a working party in the same area and some members do get the bow saw pelage and over do it a bit, but I’m sure I’ll see them next time I’m down I just hope we get some sun to get on and do more video of them.

  10. Jane!

    What wonderful pictures and so detailed in the closeups. Many thanks for your visit to my blog and I’ve linked to your excellent site through the index plus another mention in an article.

    Well met and I shall be back often 🙂


  11. Hi Ron. Yes, I met Hugh Miles a year or so back. A wonderful bloke. Shame about your kingfisher. Always next time! I’ve seen them flying around in the depths of winter, always a cheering sight on a cold, dreary day! Jane

  12. Wow Jane, that new camera is really paying for itself! Brilliant photos, especially the fungi – and I agree with Dragonstar about the birch bolete being ripe for a poster. Thanks for the photo from the walk …. maybe 13 miles next year, we’ll see!
    Chris x

  13. Hi Chris. Yes, I’ve used the camera every day since I’ve had it. Thanks for your kind remarks about the birch bolete … I had to lay on very wet grass to get that! Yeh right… I’ll keep you to the 13 mile semi-promise… I have it in writing! J x

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