> Walk for Wildlife : Ahhh Sisters!

Today I received a photo from Steve at Dorset Wildlife Trust showing me, my sister Chris (on the right) and Jack the dog after we had received our medals (ceramic don’t you know!) after the Walk for Wildlife. Before you say anything, yes that’s me trying to hide under my hat with the ears that stick out at 90 degrees and a dopey grin. How come I look absolutely worm out and Chris looks like she could go and walk it again? Next time I’m going to make her walk the 13.2 mile route instead of the 4 miler!! Baah Humbug!!! Happy Birthday Sis…


6 thoughts on “> Walk for Wildlife : Ahhh Sisters!

  1. Doug. Ten years difference in age and I was always told that I look very like the milkman! (my mum denies it…) We are probably more alike than this picture suggests! J

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