► BBC’s Countryfile Magazine “Blog of the Month”

I’ve just received a brilliant (and unexpected) email!

Urban Extension has been chosen by BBC’s Countryfile Magazine as “Blog of the Month” for their December issue (on sale from November 19th in all good newsagents!).

When something like that comes out of the blue it really does put a smile on your face.

Thanks Countryfile Magazine…


30 thoughts on “► BBC’s Countryfile Magazine “Blog of the Month”

  1. I’ll def be getting the magazine – and asking you to sign it! Totally deserved accolade Jane – your enthusiasm for all things wildlife is so inspiring to all. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Everyone… I feel like I’ve just received an Oscar (maybe that should be a “Badger” or an “Otter”??) I’m really, really chuffed and can’t wait to see it in print. 🙂 Jane

  3. A bit of both really Neil. Unbeknown to me my local Wildlife Trust forwarded my blog address to the BBC as they were asking for “interesting” websites/people in the area (something to do with Autumnwatch being based on Brownsea this year). Somehow it wormed it’s way down to the Countryfile magazine and I got an email out of the blue. Jane

  4. Congratulations Jane
    Great news all your hard work putting this Blog together has given you this well deserved Blog of the month, chosen by BBC’s Countryfile Magazine.

  5. Thanks Ron C. it isn’t really hard work though… I think of work as being something I don’t like doing… whereas this is something I absolutely love doing! Jane

  6. Well done Jane! I’ll get the mag when I can! Thats BRILLIANT news!
    (Though the beeb is a bit slow off the mark eh? I had you down as “Blog of the YEAR” last year! Heh heh!)

  7. Thanks Doug… Hopefully if I get an increase in visitors it will actually help everyone on my blogroll. Would you rather I changed the link to your Flickr pages rather than Blue-Grey?? or will Blue-Grey being making a come-back? I still get lots of referrals from Blue-Grey in my stats…so people are obviously still reading it! Jane

  8. I think I’m “anonymous” on UE at present Jane due to a new computer I’m using.
    Gottae get the future sorted for myself and Anna at present, but hopefully BG will make a return in the new year?

  9. Hi Doug. It will be great to see Blue-Grey back at any time! I told you what you should do :)… pack your bags and come down to sunny Dorset and start your future together in the middle of all this great wildlife! Reading… bah! Jane

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