► On the Radio…

Just to let you know that Urban Extension and Nature Watch Corfe Mullen are going to be on the radio! Tomorrow (Sunday 26th October) afternoon (between 1.30pm-2pm) I’m going to be interviewed on BBC Radio Solent’s gardening and green show “The Good Life” by presenter Georgina Windsor. If you fancy a laugh (as I’m sure to mess up!) please tune in. You can also read about my wildlife passion on the BBC Dorset Website


20 thoughts on “► On the Radio…

  1. Hi. Thanks everyone. I think it went OK, and the program have asked me to go into the studio next time for a “blogging” update. My Mum in Salisbury heard the program and was so excited to hear her “little” (ha!) girl on “live radio” that she phoned me afterwards and sounded just like a teenager bubbling over with excitement (really funny considering she’s in her 80’s now!) It was worth it just for that! Jane 🙂

  2. Well done sis!! I’m related to someone famous!! Caught the broadcast and you came over really confident and full of enthusiasm for your subject. Let us know when you are due for your next live update. Chris

  3. hope it went well. Ive had a couple of sjips through the listen again thing on the website but cant find you on it. What point where you on the show?

  4. I tried to listen again to this, but the show they have put up is obviously the wrong one as the news section is from 2 weeks ago. I e-mailed the management team to let them know and hopefully they will fix it asap.

  5. Thanks for all your really positive feedback. Hopefully they should put Sunday’s show on the net soon (sorry if you trawled through it and couldn’t find me!). Thanks Peter for letting them know at Radio Solent. Jane

  6. Oh well… so you didn’t hear my dulcet tones then (or should that just be “Dorset tones”?)… The BBC Dorset Website are going to be doing a feature on their website, I will let you know when it’s live… you see there is no escape! Jane

  7. Not sure about that Stuart. Noone can see me on the internet or radio… Radio Solent have asked me to do a Radio “nature” blog feature in the future… so that should be fun. Jane

  8. Dorset Wildlife Trust are very lucky to have such a good communicator to help spread the word .I visited the Radio Station web site to hear the broadcast which comes over very well. I hope to visit Brownsea Island next June with our Somerset Trust group which I am looking forward too. I am amazed at the numbers of visitors you get but not surprised now I’ve seen it.

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