Great Spotted Woodpecker Still-Life

A strange thing happened one morning recently. I looked out of the window and there was a male great spotted woodpecker on the bird feeder. The thing was he wasn’t moving (at all!)


He just hung there. He wasn’t eating anything. He wasn’t looking around. He was just hanging there. I began to get quite worried. Maybe he’d got his leg caught in the feeder. I watched for at least 5 mins and then at last he moved.


To be honest he didn’t move much just enough for me to see the beautiful red marking on the back of his head. Before now I’d never realised what a colourful bird they were.

I’ve seen (and heard them) in the garden before, but never had such a good view.

I suppose he’d decided to just “hang out” at the feeder … Strange bird maybe he was lonely.


Changing the subject completely, if you like Lizards (and believe me these ones are really VERY cute) have a look at my latest post on the lizards in my Florida Keys garden called Garden lizards: we’re beautiful too.


15 thoughts on “Great Spotted Woodpecker Still-Life

  1. Hi Jane, nice photos and my guess would be a predator (Sparrowhawk maybe or cat) was about. Woodpeckers as you say are normally active, but like other birds at feeders, if they hear a predator about, they’ll often stop feeding and just watch and listen until the danger has passed.

  2. Thanks for your comment Joe. Ditto with mine usually, they fly in and fly out almost straight away. However I think Border (in the next comment) has got a point! Jane

  3. Hi Border Reiver. I hadn’t thought of predators. We get sparrowhawks and buzzards over the garden, so it could easily have been caused by one of them. I will keep that in mind next time I see this behaviour. Jane

  4. I m very fortunate to regular woodpecker visitors feeding on my nut feeder. I have many photos and vidoe footage (although very shaky) of them feeding their young too.can send if interested. it appears to me that when they land on feeder and stay their motionless they aware of possible threats around them.I love watching these birds. dona

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