A “Must Watch” Video for ALL Animal Lovers!

As part of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) campaign to tackle pet obesity – Pets Get Slim – they approached animator Simon Tofield (he of ‘Simon’s Cat’ fame) to produce a short but very funny and poignant film on overfeeding your dog. How many times have you had a dog sitting on your feet under the dinner table? Make sure you have your sound turned on. The sound effects make the film. Enjoy…


14 thoughts on “A “Must Watch” Video for ALL Animal Lovers!

  1. Jane – I am at work so can’t see the vid, nor can I contact you at your email address.
    I just wanted to say MANY many thanks for all your offers of help over the last two weeks.
    I was preparing to send you a big package full of all kinds of info but not after today, and not this time.
    I have had some VERY good news today, and Anna and I are very relieved and very happy.
    I WILL email you when I finally get to log on at home, and watch the vid, and maybe NOW we can plan to fly down to Darzet for a badger beer???
    Thanks mate.

  2. Great video! Must make sure we don’t get Jack into any bad eating habits!! Haven’t come across Simon’s Cat before but having watched the collection, think his cartoons are really good and so true to life. Chris

  3. Chris. I love “Simon’s Cat” animations… I can watch them again and again and they still make me laugh! Glad you enjoyed Simon’s sister’s dog… Jane

  4. Lol funny vid with an important messgae. Ive just seen the 3rd simons cat vid I ahdnt seen before too. Its funny simply becasue is based on the truth – cats are pure evil πŸ˜‰

  5. Excellent way to get the “idea” across!

    I still think the TV Dinner and the Wake up Cat are so funny – even tho I know whats coming I still end up with tears running down my cheeeks. So wonderfully observed. One of my cats could have been the model!

  6. Hi Aunty Jane

    I really like this video, and the photos on both sites. Thank you for my Christmas Presents, hopefully I will see lots of birds in my garden now and will take photos for you.
    Love from
    Victoria oxox

  7. Hi Victoria (and Mummy!). I expect to see lots of pictures of your birds. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Lots of love and hope to see you soon. Jane xxxx πŸ™‚

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